Lambright Bowling Alley

The Louisiana Tech Bowling Alley at the Lambright Sports Intramural Center is a new addition to the list of athletic facilities the university offers to its students, athletes and members.

Built by the Brunswick Corporation, the six lane state-of-the-art facility was completed in August 2008.

Unlike The Kennel, the new bowling alley contains a computerized scoring system. Flat screen televisions and touch screen monitors at each lane display up-to-the-second scores.

Directly below the televisions is a mural containing the college's logo, a Tech embroidered ball and pins, and pictures of several Tech landmarks, including the Institute of Micromanufacturing, the Lady of the Mist fountain, Hale Hall and the Centennial Clocktower.

The alley features technology for cosmic bowling and automatic bumpers. A space for a classroom has been planned in front of the lanes, which can be used by kinesiology students who are studying the game and its movements.

An oil system has been installed as well. It allows the women's bowling team to accurately practice the conditions they find at tournaments. Furthermore, different pin scenarios can be setup so the team can practice a variety of shots they may experience.

Head women's bowling coach Shawn Jackson believes the new lanes are a terrific addition for his team.

"The new bowling facility at the Lambright Center makes us more competitive," Jackson said. "Thanks to Dr. Reneau and Jim King we now have bowling lanes that are just as good as lanes at a bowling center.

"We can duplicate the kinds of lane conditions we see at other tournaments, which will help tremendously. The lanes also give us a recruiting advantage. Now, when potential signees come to Ruston, they see we have a bowling facility that we take a great deal of pride in."