Hall of Fame






Joe Aillet, Football Coach, Athletic Director, 1940-1970

Robert "Bobby" Aillet, Football Letterwinner, 1945, 1948-1949

Lawrence A. Anderson, Football Letterwinner, 1974-77

Mike Barber, Football Letterwinner, 1972-1975

Leon Barmore, Men's Basketball Letterwinner, 1965-67, Women's Basketball Coach, 1982-2002

Harley "Lefty" Boss, Baseball Letterwinner, 1925-1927

Terry Bradshaw, Football Letterwinner, 1966-1969

J. Madison Brooks, Football, Basketball, Baseball Letterwinner, 1932-36

P.J. Brown, Men's Basketball Letterwinner, 1989-1992

Billy Bundrick, M.D., Football Letterwinner, 1957-59, Team Physician

Roger Carr, Football Letterwinner, 1970-1973

Cecil Crowley, Basketball Coach, 1940-1942, 1945-1964

O.K. "Buddy" Davis, Sports Editor, 1964-present

James Davison, Athletic Benefactor

Fred Dean, Football Letterwinner, 1971-1974

Atley Donald, Baseball Letterwinner, 1930-33

Matt Dunigan, Football Letterwinner,

Bill Galloway, Softball Coach, 1982-2002

L.J. "Hoss" Garrett, Football Letterwinner, 1932-33

Charles Gilbert, Football, Baseball, Track Letterwinner, 1927-31

Ragan Green, M.D., Team Physician, 1930-1960s

Garland Gregory, Football Letterwinner, 1938-1941

Roland Harper, Football Letterwinner, 1971-74

Berry Hinton, Baseball Coach, 1945-1967

Joe Hinton, Football Letterwinner, 1957-60

Pat Hinton, Football Letterwinner, 1953-56

Tommy Hinton, Football Letterwinner, 1954-57

George "Blue" Hogg, Football Letterwinner, 1923-1926, H & PE Coach, 1934-65

Sonja Hogg, Women's Basketball Coach, 1974-1985

R.A. "Racer" Holstead, Football, Baseball Letterwinner, 1944, 1947-49

R. Guthrie Jarrell, M.D., Basketball Letterwinner, 1946, Athletic Benefactor

Lea Ann Jarvis, Softball Letterwinner, 1982-85

Stacey Johnson, Softball Letterwinner, 1983-86

Vickie Johnson, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1992-1996

Walter Johnson, Football Letterwinner, 1983-1986

Katie Dow Kahmann, Volleyball Letterwinner, 1989-1992

Pam Kelly, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1978-1982

Venus Lacy, Women's Basketball Letterwinner,

Maxie Lambright, Football Coach, Athletic Director, 1967-1978

Janice Lawrence, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1981-1984

David Lee, Football, Baseball Letterwinner

Bruce Lenoir, Track Letterwinner, 1952-1956

S.X. "Zurk" Lewis, Baseball, Basketball, Football Letterwinner, 1934-38

Jerry Lovett, Basketball Letterwinner, 1949-52

William A. Marbury, Jr., Athletic Benefactor

Karl Malone, Basketball Letterwinner, 1982-1985

April Malveo, Track and Field Letterwinner, 1995-1999

Mike McConathy, Basketball Letterwinner,

Joe McNeely, Football Letterwinner, 1970-1973

Nick Medica, Basketball Letterwinner, 1931-34

O.M. "Ding" Merriott, Basketball, Baseball, Football Letterwinner, 1937-41

Paul Millsap, Basketball Letterwinner

W. L. Mitchell, Basketball, Baseball, Football Letterwinner, 1933-37

Jimmy Mize, Track Coach, Football Coach, 1946-77

Jackie Moreland, Basketball Letterwinner, 1958-60

Kim Mulkey, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1980-84

Charles "Hoss" Newman, Football Letterwinner, 1941-42; 1946-47

Debbie Nichols, Softball, 1987-90

Dave Nitz, Broadcaster

J.E. "Pat" Patterson, Football Letterwinner, 1953-56, Baseball Coach,Football Coach, 1967-90

Russell Rainbolt, Football, Track Letterwinner, 1952-55

Tim Rattay, Football Letterwinner, 1997-1999

Mike Reed, Football Letterwinner, 1942, 1945-47

William Roaf, Football Letterwinner, 1989-92

Scotty Robertson, Basketball Letterwinner, 1950-51; Basketball Coach,1964-74

W. A. "Bill" Ruple, Football Letterwinner, 1932-36

Leo Sanford, Football Letterwinner, 1947-50

Mickey Slaughter, Football Letterwinner, 1959-62, Football Coach, 1967-78

Harold Smolinksi, Athletic Council Chairman, 1952-85

TJ Soto, Baseball Letterwinner

Tommy Spinks, Football Letterwinner, 1966-69

George Stone, Baseball and Basketball Letterwinner, 1965-1966

Matt Stover, Football Letterwinner

Ricky Stubbs, Track Letterwinner, 1971-74

W.H. "Eva" Talbot, Football Letterwinner, 1918-1919

F. Jay Taylor, University President, 1962-87

Jack Thigpen, Football, Baseball Letterwinner, 1932-36

Angela Turner, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1979-82

T.H. "Muddy" Waters, Football, Basketball, Track Letterwinner, 1932-36

Teresa Weatherspoon, Women's Basketball Letterwinner, 1984-88

John Henry White, Football Letterwinner, 1974-77

Billy Wiggins, Basketball Letterwinner, 1952-56

A.L. Williams, Football Letterwinner, 1953-1956, Football Coach, 1983-1986

Joe Williams, Football, Basketball, Baseball Letterwinner, 1937-39

Milton Williams, Athletic Benefactor

George Woodson, Baseball Letterwinner, 1961-64

Charles J. Wyly, Jr., Football Letterwinner, 1952-1955



Class of 1984

Joe Aillet

Terry Bradshaw

Atley Donald

Garland Gregory

Pam Kelly

Maxie Lambright

Jackie Moreland


Class of 1985

Cecil Crowley

Ragan Green, MD

Bruce Lenoir

Mike Reed

Leo Sanford

W. H. "Eva" Talbot


Class of 1986

Billy Bundrick

L.J. "Hoss" Garrett

Charles Gilbert

Roland Harper

Berry Hinton

Sonja Hogg


Class of 1987

Joe Hinton

Pat Hinton

Tom Hinton

George "Blue" Hogg

Janice Lawrence

Jim Mize

Mickey Slaughter

Billy Wiggins


Class of 1988

Larry Anderson

J. Madison Brooks

W. A. "Bill" Ruple

Tommy Spinks

T. H. "Muddy" Waters


Class of 1989

Harley "Lefty" Boss

Nick Medica

Russell Rainbolt

Jack Thigpen

George Woodson


Class of 1990

Fred Dean

O.M. "Ding" Merriott

Harold Smolinski

Angela Turner

Joe Williams


Class of 1992

S.X. "Zurk" Lewis

Karl Malone

W. L. Mitchell

Kim Mulkey

Dr. F. Jay Taylor


Class of 1995

Mike Barber

R.A. "Racer" Holstead

Lee Ann Jarvis

Joe McNeely

Charles "Hoss" Newman

Teresa Weatherspoon

John Henry White


Class of 1998

Bobby Aillet

PJ Brown

James Davison

R. Guthrie Jarrell, MD

Stacey Johnson

Pat Patterson

Scotty Robertson



Class of 2003

Leon Barmore

Jerry Lovett

William A. Marbury, Jr.

Debbie Nichols

Willie Roaf

Charles J. Wyly, Jr.


Class of 2007

Roger Carr

Vickie Johnson

Katie Dow Kahmann

Tim Rattay

A.L. Williams

Milton Williams


Class of 2011

Matt Dunigan

Venus Lacy

David Lee

Mike McConathy

Paul Millsap

Dave Nitz

TJ Soto

Matt Stover


Class of 2013

O.K. "Buddy" Davis

Bill Galloway

Walter Johnson

April Malveo

George Stone