Hall of Fame

Milton Williams

It would be tough to find many alumni whose university has meant as much to them as Louisiana Tech has to Milton William. Along those same lines, one would be hard-pressed to find an alumnus that has meant as much to his university. Williams, a 1994 graduate of Louisiana Tech, has been a lifelong supporter of his Alma Mater in innumerable ways. He was a founding member of the Louisiana tech University Foundation, a longtime member of the Athletic council, and a benefactor of the university in just about every way imaginable. Or, in his words, he's been "President of everything around (Tech) at one time or another." Following his service in the United States Navy during World War II, he founded Williams Pressure Service Company, the first hydrostatic pipeline testing company of the industry, in 1951, and his invention of a device to perform these tests made him famous in the oil and gas industry. Crowe Drilling Co. put the money up and helped Williams get the equipment together and the company is still in business. His invention and his company made a direct, profound impact on Tech Athletics when he hired Bulldog football players to work for him during the summer. His influence on Louisiana Tech athletics extended far beyond giving football players jobs, however, he served on the Athletics council for nearly 40 years and was a member of every committee that hired athletic directs and coaches during the time. As an alumnus of the engineering school, he was instrument in starting that department's foundation and, eventually, the University Foundation. He said that one of his proudest accomplishments was his involvement, along with former university president Dr. F. Jay Taylor, in the beginning of the now-legendary Lady Techsters basketball program. From employing football players to hiring coaches, from serving on the athletic council, to jumpstarting the Lady Techsters basketball program, Milton Williams has held many titles as a vital part of Louisiana Tech's Athletic success over the past 40 years.