Licensing and Logos

Overall Objective
Informational Brochure and FAQ's

Phase One

Louisiana Tech contracted Rickabaugh graphics, the #1 Rebranding and logo design company in the country, to develop the new official Louisiana Tech Athletics font and wordmark. In addition, Rickabaugh graphics created Louisiana Tech Athletics secondary logos and a new official Bulldog design.

Phase Two

Educate Louisiana Tech and its constituent community on Collegiate Licensing Company(CLC), manufacturers, retailers, and the licensing process.


CLC is the nation's leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative. Formed in 1981, CLC assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing. The CLC Consortium consists of more than 180 universities, bowl games, conferences, the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy.Based in Atlanta, CLC provides it's member institutions the expertise, resources and experience necessary to maximize licensing revenue potential through the power of consolidation. Visit CLC's website
to learn more about their services.


The manufacturers are the individuals that obtain the license so they can legally produce the official Louisiana Tech merchandise and sell it to retailers so they can turn around and sell the officially licensed merchandise to the public.

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Retailers purchase the Louisiana Tech merchandise from an officially licensed manufacturer in an effort to legally sell the officially licensed Louisiana Tech merchandise to the Louisiana Tech constituents.

Phase Three

Complete Louisiana Tech rebranding campaign which will produce new Athletics wordmarks and bulldog logo. The new logos will create renewed excitement and encourage fans to purchase new merchandise. In combination, new logos will create a new, exciting, and recognizable brand on a national scale.

Phase Four

Create a close working relationship with the CLC representative for Louisiana Tech University. Weekly communication is scheduled in an effort to push officially licensed products into retailers hands.

CLC Contact:

Ryan Prowell
Director, University Services
290 Interstate North Circle, Suite #200
Atlanta, GA 30339
770.956.0520 phone
770.955.4491 fax

Phase Five

Develop a marketing sales brochure geared towards retailers to encourage their distribution of Tech merchandise by answering any questions they may have regarding the ability to distribute officially licensed Louisiana Tech merchandise.

Phase Six

Develop an in-house merchandise distribution plan and partnership with the Tech bookstore to create product development and distribution sales management plan. Louisiana Tech will be creating a distribution channel for retailers giving them the ability to purchase smaller quantities for their merchandise outlets.