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Feb. 28, 2012

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Louisiana Tech Head Coach Wade Simoneaux

Q: Sadberry gets the 11-6 victory today. Do you see him getting back to the way he was before?

“His velocity is not there yet but he pitched well. His breaking stuff was good. Our guys did not help him out that well. When you hmake six errors, you usually lose a game. It was a lack of focus. Our guys are finishing up final exams. You have to [focus on playing] the game that you are playing that day.”

Q: Ryan Gebhardt and Alex Williams have started every game so far this season.

“Those two guys are good ball players and they will be there every day as long as they are healthy.  They keep the team concept and we played a lot of guys today. Today was a day that we could do that. We are going to be as good as our relievers, mid-week pitchers and substitutes allow us to be. It’s good to have a starting lineup and a pitching rotation but a lot of games come down to those other guys so you have to give them at-bats.”