Jones Advances to 3rd Round of Shots from the Heart Tournament

Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones

Jan. 12, 2012

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RUSTON, La. - Assistant Coach Derrick Jones of the Louisiana Tech men's basketball team advanced to the third round of the Shots from the Heart Tournament in the assistant coaches' bracket with a 52-47 win over Ramon Williams of Ohio University.

Competitors shoot 25 free throws apiece with the first 10 shots each worth a point, attempts 11-15 are valued at two points apiece, shots 16-20 are worth three points each, attempts 21-24 are valued at four points apiece and the 25th shot is worth five points.

Jones made 23 straight shots before missing on his 24th attempt. He made his 25th and final free throw to seal the win.

Williams on the other hand misfired on his third, sixth, 17th and 23rd attempts.

In the third round, Jones will face Iowa's Kirk Speraw who has not missed a free throw so far in the tournament. Speraw defeated Saddi Washington of Oakland in the second round and Old Dominion's Jim Corrigan in the opening matchup by the exact same score of 56-53. Both competitors will have until Sunday to shoot their next 25 free throws.

The Shots from the Heart challenge was started to create more awareness for the growing problem of heart disease and to raise money to benefit the Skip Prosser Foundation. and the Skip Prosser Foundation are working with the American Heart Association, which is a beneficiary of the Skip Prosser Foundation, to further promote the educational aspects of heart disease.

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