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Sep 7, 2013

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Head Coach Skip Holtz


Opening Comments:

“As I said to the team in the locker room after the game, there is no such thing as a bad win. There are such things as ugly wins, but never a bad win. It was nice to get a W in the win column. It makes everything a little bit better. You grade film a little bit better. It puts everyone in a better mood.”

“It is nicer to get that first win, especially to get a little confidence going into this game. I thought this team did an excellent job of executing the game plan. Really, what we were trying to do defensively, we were trying to put a lot of pressure up front; tried to protect our coverage a little bit. We put a lot of two-deep to not give up the big play. This is a team that scored 75 points last week and threw the ball downfield with great execution, so we did not want to give up the cheap one, and I thought the defense really did a nice job executing and holding them to 14 points.”

“Offensively, I thought the second half – the running game really showed up. Tevin King stepped in and did an excellent job. I was really proud of what he did, stepping in with Kenneth (Dixon) going down with an injury. I thought the offensive line and the running game certainly pulled us out of a whole in the second half.”

“In a game, sometimes you get in and you are supposed to win, and you get tight. As you go down, you sometimes start pressing and making mistakes, but I thought this team was mentally prepared coming into this game of playing 60 minutes and they did what they had to do to win down the stretch.”

On his concern with his offense in the first half:

“We looked at it at halftime and we had two running backs that had nine carries for 90 yards. You look at it and we just had to go a little bit more to the running game. They were mixing a lot of things up trying to confuse the quarterback. Having an inexperienced quarterback and trying to show one thing and run downhill and it really created a little bit of confusion. It just seemed like it set off the rhythm.”

“We really could not get anything going, but the running game, I thought, was just a struggle. We only ran the ball nine times in the first half. Going into the second half, we were going to put the saddle on our offensive line a little bit and let them roll down and do some things. We were going to put the onus on our running game to carry the offense. I thought they did exactly what we wanted them to do in the second half running the ball.”

“Late in the game, when they started just showing what they were doing because they were just trying to stop the run game, we really were not able to execute. We dropped the ball and it would have been a first down. On one of the ones we had a field goal and we had a deep corner route where their guy made a great play and that is a play we expect to come down with.”

“We have to get a little bit better at some things and we have to clean some things up, but overall, I thought the offensive line and running game did exactly what we needed them to do in the game to win.”

On the passing game versus Lamar:

“I did not think it was very good. It was efficient when you look at our numbers and talk about completion percentages and things like that, but when you look at our productivity, there are no big plays in the passing game. We are completing two passes and looking at third and three. It cannot be that way. We can run it twice and look at third and three. Tonight, it was looking at first and 10 when we ran it twice, so it is not near as efficient as it needs to be and we have to be able to make big plays down the field when we are put into some one-on-one situations.”

On whether that has to do with playmaking or decision making:

“I think sometimes he feels like he has it underneath and one time on fourth and five he tried to wedge it in there tight because it was short yardage. On some of the third and threes, I am just kind of trying to get it in there, but some of it has to. You have to be able to run the ball to pass and get it downfield and make big plays.”

“It is not just that. It is the receivers making big plays. There were a couple plays. I thought one of the biggest plays of the game was Hunter Lee coming over the middle of the field late in the game. I thought that was one of the bigger plays in the game to try and get that last drive started. It seemed like if we could get a first down or two we could get into a rhythm. If we started rolling and got into a rhythm on offense, but we have to do a better job of coming off the bench cold when we are just starting.”

On Hunter Lee and Andrew Guillot’s performance:

“Those are two guys who are football players. They are extremely productive. We talked about starting Hunter Lee this week. Andrew started last week. I look at both of them as starters, but they are football players. They are just hard-nosed, tough football players. I thought they competed tonight. Over the last couple of weeks, I think our outside receivers have been our leading receptors, but we are not getting the productivity outside that we are getting inside. We are averaging a lot more yards per catch inside than outside when it really ought to be just the opposite.”

On Kenneth Dixon’s injury and his status moving forward:

“I think it is a knee. They said it is a little bit loose. I really do not know at this point other than he was out the rest of the game today. I don’t know yet what is going to happen on Thursday night with the quick turn-around and how that is going to work, but we will have a much better idea and maybe report a little bit more tomorrow when the doctors have a chance to look at it and find out how much swelling, get and MRI and things like that and find out if there is any more internal damage.”

On playing down to Lamar’s level or them playing well enough to compete:

“I don’t think it was down or good. When you look at it, they executed tonight. I was really impressed with their quarterback, (Caleb) Berry. I thought Caleb did a really nice job. He threw the ball and executed. They had a game plan and we said we were not going to give him anything cheap. We were going to put a little pressure on our defensive line to make some plays and keep the ball in front of us. The object of this game was to win. It was not to see by how many we could win, but to win. We probably could have rolled the dice a little more, pressured the quarterback and forced his hand and done that a little more.”

“When you look at a defense that gave up 14 points to a team that had 75 last week, I thought defensively we did some good things considering what we asked them to do. I thought Lamar did a good job executing. I thought outside the passing game, the first half productivity wise, I thought we did pretty decent football.”

On the performance overall:

“There were a lot of positive things in this game to grow on. We are a long way away from being the type of football team we need to be, but as I talked about last week, we had 17 guys starting for the first time. Now they have two starts under their belts. That does not make them seniors.”

“We are getting better. We are a work in progress, but I thought they hung in there and competed and did what they needed to do to get the job done. For a team that is playing a lot of young guys and do not have a lot of experience, if we keep getting better from the type of mistakes we made last week and tonight, that is the object and the goal.”

“We are excited now to get into Conference USA-play. I lot has been made about stepping into Conference USA since July. It has been talked about since that decision has been made. I am really excited it is almost here and we are five days away from kicking off the conference with Tulane here at home.”

“I want to thank all the people that came out tonight to support the team. I thought the atmosphere was really great. The student section was awesome. I have never been in front of a student section, but they made some noise tonight. They were loud. They were into it. They were rowdy. The passionate fans that were here early for the walk; I think that really creates a great atmosphere for not only our players and the new guys who have never been through that, but I think it creates a great atmosphere for recruiting; for people to see the passion in our fan base.”

“I just want to thank everybody for coming out. I thought it was a great environment and your support was not only needed tonight, but it was very welcome and we appreciate everyone’s help tonight.”



IK Enemkpali

“Our coaches did a great job of scheming against Lamar. They have a great offense line and do a great job of getting the ball off.”

Lamar attacking the defensive line:

“Most definitely, we are the seniors and we like to lead things. The defense goes as we go. Guys like Vernon Butler, Shakeil, Kevin Kisseberth, and Vontarrius Dora do a great job after Stan Eggen help coach us to do great things.”

Holding Lamar to under 100 yards:

“Every down our philosophy is to get off the ball and be disruptive. If we do that, play hard, and play to our technique we will be fine.”

Was Lamar better than expected?

“Lamar is a very good team. They put up 75 points last week, that a hard feat against anyone. We had the utmost respect for Lamar.”

Should Tech have put Lamar away earlier?

“No sir. We take every play one step at a time, one down at a time.”

Second Half Adjustments:

“We just had to make some minor changes in the backend. We just needed to make a few adjustments here and there. For the most part we just kept going.”


Vernon Butler:

“We practiced really hard. Overall, the defensive line played very well. We played with our hair on fire.”

Tevin King:

“It felt great. Last week I had a tough time hanging on to the ball. Coming into this week I went back to the basics. Our offensive line did a great job making big holes for me. That made it easy on me.”

On Kenneth Dixon:

“It was tough on me for the first series when I went back out. The whole series I was thinking about him. I was praying the entire time in my head while I was on the field. When I saw him up and walking and he came and talked to me it made me feel better. He actually came and coached me through the game. I feel great about it. He is going to be ok.”

Having fun out there:

“After my injury, I realized how precious each game is and how much you have to enjoy each play. It just feels great to be back. I am going to enjoy it while I can.”

Getting Caught by Final Defender:

“It was frustrating. It was new to me. Normally I can make the safety miss and try to take it to the house. The next guy kept hitting me and I was getting really frustrated. I just kept looking around trying to figure out where to go.”

Conference Play:

“It should be exciting. There are a lot of good teams in Conference USA. We just need to go out there this week and practice hard, and get ready for (Tulane).”

Did Tech do any preparation work for Tulane last week?

“No sir. We put all our focus on Lamar.”

Losing Knee Brace:

“It felt great. I finally had my comfort back. I felt like the knee brace was holding me back a little bit.”

Lamar head coach Ray Woodard

"I was pleased with our effort all over the field tonight. We are going to have to get better though. We gave Louisiana Tech too many things on the field. You can't do that against a team as talented as LA Tech. We can really build from this game tonight. I am very disappointed in the outcome but we are going to be a better team for it. I don't care wha




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