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Sept. 28, 2013

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Head coach Skip Holtz

“I want to compliment army and what they did tonight offensively and how they executed on offense tonight. I thought we executed well tonight offensively. Bottom line, we got our tails kicked defensively tonight. Offensively, we are making some strides. We challenged our offense to make plays downfield. They scored more points than us. It was a turnover free game until the fourth quarter. They were able to line up and drive the field and we were not. I am proud of the way a couple of the guys on our team are competing. We are excited to get back into conference play next week and I am glad I do not have to see that offense again.

“We did have a number of different calls. When you play a team like this, it is difficult to play a multiple front. They mix in counter, power play and the toss sweep. They are a very difficult offense and when they execute they are hard to beat.

Know you are only going to get a few possessions.

“I wish we would have – hindsight is 20/20 – but I wish we would have pressured more. We did not attack as much as we should have. When you play an offense like that, you have to find a way to stop it and be a little bit more aggressive. I am not trying to pass that ownership, but when I look at that game, they executed at a high level. At half, they were 70 percent on first down rushing. When you run the ball like that, it makes it hard.”

“We talked about it. There were some big plays. I always say there are two ways to score points. You have to either be methodical enough to move down field or good enough to not get penalties and get first downs.”

“It was hard to get any consistency. It was 7-0 at first rain delay and I told them we have to start getting ball downfield.”

“I thought Ryan did a great job. I thought he challenged our wide receivers in one-on-one coverage. There are some things we have to get better at and some we definitely improved on this week. I think we did a better job of plugging holes to get consistency where we can methodically move the ball.”

“I am encouraged by the big plays. Most of our offense was created by big plays and that has been eluding us up to this point. It is going back to playing like a traditional football team. I think we have to get the running game on track. When you put it all together, I still think we have a chance to be a good football team. I think there are a lot of things we have to do a better job of coaching.  I think we need to get back to fundamental football and that is where I think we need to make most improvement.”

 On Ryan Higgins’ play:

“I thought he competed well. I liked his ability to elude and bring his feet around. I am proud of way he is competing and you can see he is getting more and more comfortable. I think he is doing some really good things as a redshirt freshman.”

On the inconsistency on the night:

“Our defense got a stop and we got the ball back and then sputtered. We got backed up and got the ball to midfield. We got in there, ran some plays and then were forced to punt. We were missing the consistency of it. I do not think we are there as an offensive football team yet. Unfortunately, we were not able to do that. We started slow and you cannot start slow against a football team like that with that kind of offense.”

“One week to try and get ready for it. You teach your guys to play disciplined, assignment football and then with a team like this you say, ‘Throw all that out the window.’ They hurt us with the quarterback follow, running the ball north and south and did a good job of executing getting the pitch when they did it. Defensively, we did not play very well fundamentally and that is on us as coaches and me as a head coach and also position coaches. We have to do a better job of coaching fundamentals. Right now, I do not think we are not fundamental enough to win.”

“We got beat tonight defensively, as a staff and even as an offensive football team when we needed some plays late. There were some bright spots, but we need consistency.”

On Andrew Guillot’s performance:

“(Andrew) Giullot is a competitor. He is the type of player that would walk in after game and say his shoulder is separated but never say it in the game. It is one of those situations where you want 20 Guillot’s you wish you would never lose. He has just come to the forefront and continues to compete. I say it all the time; freshmen want to play, sophomore and juniors want to start, and seniors want to win. That is all and that is what Guillot did tonight.”

On adjusting to the weather and delays.

“We never adjusted to the triple option. They had such – we came back and at first they really did not hurt us as much with triple option. On the offensive side, [the delay] was like a mini halftime and it was longer – 45 minutes to hour. We never had an opportunity to adjust as an offense. We have got to score points and get bigger plays offensively.”


Andrew Guillot:

You got hit pretty hard there in the fourth quarter but you bounced right back up. What did you feel during or after that play?

“I kind of just got my bell rung, but it did not really affect me at all.”

It seemed like you were having some success down field tonight. What did you see in the secondary that you recognized and took advantage of?

“They watched film last week and were not going to let us have the short routes like the bubble screen and stuff like that so they played up tight and we were able to get past them.”

How did the delays affect you guys in the locker room when you went in?

“Well when the first delay hit we were struggling, and I thought that it maybe could have helped us a little bit.” “I do not find it hard to warm back up because it is like coming out after half time.”

Where does your jumping ability come from?

“Ryan trusts me with the ball so I knew I had to go up and make a play and I came down with it.”

Last week at Kansas you had an opportunity for one and it slipped through your hand. Was it satisfying making up for it?

“Anytime you can make a big play like that it feels good.” “I wish I could make more plays like that every week.”

Daniel Cobb:

Ryan Higgins:

The one right spot even in the loss is the deep ball that you guys missed on last week. Was that good for you to get your confidence up?

“It definitely was, as an offense I felt that we were moving the ball really well and be able to make some big plays. That is something that we have been lacking in, and what killed us was shooting ourselves in the foot with some mistakes. I am confident in where our offense can go from here.”

How much more comfortable did you feel in your second start?

“A lot more confident, I felt way more comfortable with our skill players and our lineman supporting each other and supporting me. I’m excited as to what our offense can do.”

You guys are 1 and 4 now and it is obviously not the start you wanted but after what you have seen over the past couple of weeks are you going to take that into next game?

“Definitely, our offense has made great strides and I feel like we can move the ball better now as opposed to previous weeks.” “If we tighten up a few things in practice I feel like we will be able to put some points up on the board.”

Did you feel pressure on the offense knowing that if you gave it back to army you might not see the field for another seven or eight minutes?

“Of course, playing a team like Army you know they are going to kill the clock. We knew coming in that we were going to need to take advantage of every opportunity that we had because we were not going to get as many as we would like.”




Army Head Coach Rich Ellerson

"I told the guys after that the team that the theme was the harder we worked, the better the guys played. There were a lot of internal injuries and we had some guys that did not make the trip, some guys that we lost in the game and guys just kept coming up and stepping up. We had the delay and then other delays and there were a lot of reasons and excuses why things were not working and I was proud of them. Adversity mounted and they just kept playing better. That is the sign of a good football team.

"There are a couple things that went on and obviously it was a good idea based on. As I said, the guys were working hard and I do not see while offensive line is blocking; when terry is getting htat ball, trent is throwing and vice versa; secondary showing up too soon.

"It was a little bit atypical and they started the second half with a different defense. Some of that is offensive line doing a good job. It is important to be successful against a good defensive line. We have struggled the last two weeks. We are going to see another defense like that.

"Stuff we had; little concussion and stuff like that. I do not think they are serious and of course we had the ejection. We were not 100 percent coming in by any stretch. As coaches and officials in college football, we are not going to tolerate that [behavior]”


Army Cadet-Student-Athletes

Terry Baggett

On what the players did during the lightning delays

During the first break, write after our warm up, we were just relaxing. The breaks after that we were hyped the entire time. We were pumping ourselves up saying ‘Let’s go get these guys’ ‘Let’s go get some more.’ That was our mentality for both of the breaks after.

Trenton Turrentine

On Army’s effectiveness:

That was just the offensive line working hard. We gave full faith in the offensive line and they did their job every single play. My job was easy, I just ran behind them. That was just the offensive line going hard every single play.

Colin Linkul

Was there a lot of adrenaline out there for you?

“Yeah there was a lot of adrenaline out there for me. It was a team effort and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Angel Santiago

Was there a turning point in the game?

“No not really. Our first drive we as a unit we were moving the ball and hitting our assignments. We just kept the momentum throughout the game regardless of the breaks that we had due to the weather. We kept hitting our assignments and everything turned out for the best. 




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