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Nov. 6, 2009

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Louisiana Tech Head Coach Derek Dooley

Thoughts on the game
“It was obviously a great football team we played. We had a great start, and then Boise looked like the No. 5 team in the country. They stayed very aggressive on the offense. It looked like the game was going to get away from us, but I was really proud at how well we did in the second half. We didn’t make the plays at the end of the game we needed to win, but if we keep fighting the way we’ve been fighting, we’ll play out of it eventually.”

Regarding the Fourth and One

“It was a two-point game, and we still had seven minutes. I just felt if we went for it and didn’t get it, there they were in scoring position. I didn’t think it was the smart thing to do being down two points.”

On his team fight
You’re expecting to go out there and fight for four quarters. I’m proud of them. As long as they keep fighting, it’ll play out for us.

On so many young players seeing action
There are good signs for the future. There are great signs, and that’s why you can’t get discouraged when it doesn’t work out for you.

On his players feeling down
If they didn’t feel dejected, I’d be worried. When you put your all on the line, it hurts. But you have to move on.

On his team’s progress
I’m encouraged by the progress. The values of the program are being carried out, and as long as we have that, the parts will play out.

Louisiana Tech QB Ross Jenkins

On first half:
We definitely had a tough first half. We didn’t play very well, period. We had one good drive, picked up the pace a little, but we weren’t able to capitalize on 3rd downs in the in the first half. With 3rd and 12 your chances are very high.

On second half:
You aren’t judged by how you play the first 30 mins. We knew we played as bad as we could’ve done in the first half.  As players we were upset with how we were playing (during the first half). Coach (Dooley) said we needed to calm down. We knew we had to take a deep breath, relax and play like we know how. That’s what we did; it helped but it obviously wasn’t what we wanted. We have yet to play a complete game-that’s what we’re working toward.

On playing tough against Boise:
The goal is to be as good as you can be and win, win the conference. Right now Boise is the team to beat. The season is not going how we want but we have to learn from it. The close losses hurt a lot more than the blowouts because you put so much into it and to not have it go your way-it hurts.

Louisiana Tech Defensive Back Deon Young

On second half:
Something we’ve been working to improve is our coming back in the second half. When we were in the locker room a couple of guys stood up and said we needed to step up. We did that.

On loss:
Both sides of the ball went out (in the second half) and played their best. When you have 22 guys going out and giving their all, of course it hurts.

On Boise:
Boise is a good team and I think they’ll be good representatives for the WAC.

Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen

On the game:
“We really couldn’t run the ball in the first half, we settled for too many field goals early on and then   we had the turnover early in the second half to let them back into it.  You got to give it to LA Tech.  They fought hard and we knew they would. They’re well coached.  I’m proud of our guys.  They fought hard and gave it all they had at the end.  Ironically we talked about that a lot this week in practice.  

On missed opportunities in the redzone:
“When you don’t run the ball like you should then it shows up down there (the redzone).  I really don’t think we ran the ball well enough down there tonight and it hurt us.  We’re going to make that an emphasis next week and without a doubt we have got to get better there.”  

On the running game picking up late in the game:
“Sometimes the running game is like that.  Sometimes you wear them down and it starts rolling for you, but we need to get it going before the fourth quarter.”

Boise State Quarterback Kellen Moore
On Louisiana Tech:
“Their team has played well at home.  Every time we come here it’s a close game.  We know we are going to have people’s best shots.  I think they played well in the second half.  It’s kind of fun to play in tight games.  There was a little pressure and it certainly shows the resiliency in our team.  We were able to come back, make some plays and finish it out.”

On momentum changing:
Just throwing that interception gave them quick points.  That certainly kept them in the game.  That was just my fault.  I was trying to get the ball out of bounds.  Obviously I didn’t get it there and their guy made the play.  It was a stupid thing that shouldn’t have happened. I was trying to throw it away off of my back foot and nothing good ever comes from that for the quarterback.

On the 12-yard touchdown pass to Austin Pettis in the fourth quarter:
“The play was designed to hit him on the skinny post.  I thought they played it pretty well.  Austin is a basketball player down there and I gave him a high ball and let him go up and get it.”

On leaving points on the board:
“That’s frustrating.  We just have to finish down there and execute.  We’ve got to convert on the situations.”

On the Boise State defense:
“We can’t turn the ball over.  That was my fault.  Those are things to sway momentum and change games.”

On Jeremy Avery:
“We want to be a team that runs the ball and runs it well in all situations. We were able to run it well in the second half.”