Quotes from Spring Practice No. 2



March 17, 2012

“With such a quick turnaround after yesterday’s practice some guys were a little sluggish early on but I thought we got a lot of work done. It started slow but it picked up as practice went on. The good thing we have going right now is that it is pretty competitive. Our offense made some plays and our defense made some plays. They are competing against each other and competing for spots. Anytime you have good competition it makes your team better.”

“We want to see guys that have improved in the offseason. For a lot of the redshirt freshman, it is really the first chance for them to show us what they can do. We’ll see how they react when we put the pads on Monday.”

“The big thing is to see who is going to accept the challenge and step up to fill in for the spots where we lost guys. That is what we have to do – solidify those spots. We have a corner I think we feel comfortable with and we have to find some linebackers. We have some candidates but they have to come on and continue to improve.”

On the defensive line:

“I think IK Enemkpali is really starting to come into his own a little bit. His work ethic is better; he is more focused and more detail-oriented than he has been in the past. He has a chance to be a special pass rusher. We also return a lot of guys inside, guys improving every day and pushing each other. Kendrick James is coming on and developing into an end and somebody we can count on to rush the passer. There are some candidates out there; we just have to see which one rises.”

On Quinton Patton and Myles White:

“Those guys had good years last year.  The good thing about both of them is that they continued to improve. They both had a good offseason, they both know more than they did a year ago, they are playing faster and that is good. They just need to continue to develop, be a little more consistent catching the ball; we’ve had too many drops over the first two days. We have to do a better job of focusing and catching the ball and finishing practice.”



On Quinton Patton:

“He is a fun guy to be around. He is good for our team, he has a lot of confidence and really enjoys playing football. He has a lot of passion and that is a key to being good at anything – having passion for it.”