Quotes from 2010 Spring Practice #2



March 19, 2010

RUSTON, La. - Quotes from Louisiana Tech head coach Sonny Dykes following spring practice No. 2:

"We had a pretty good day today but not quite as sharp as we were on Wednesday. Offensively, we didn't sustain our concentration. We were a little bit inconsistent at times and we had a lot of mistakes. I thought the defense was very sharp, I thought they finished plays, I thought it was a great day defensively. Those guys are playing with a lot of confidence right now; they are flying around and really playing at a high level right now. It was a good day overall."

On defensive expectations from a team in a conference known for its offense:
"I think the good thing is that there is a lot of carryover from last season. I think Coach Spangler has done a good job developing a system and implementing it. I think our players are starting to be more and more comfortable in it. I think our players are really starting to play at a high level, cutting it loose and playing fast. That is really encouraging."

On having to sit back as a head coach and watch:
"It has been challenging. The good thing is I get to sit back and really look at the big picture. I think that is one of the most important things a head coach can do is really try to see the big picture and try to see how all the pieces fit together."

Stood out:
"I thought the secondary played really well today. Both corners (Terry Carter and Josh Victorian) had a big day today. Terry Carter, especially, is really getting comfortable and has started to make a move and is really playing well. I thought they ran around and made a lot of plays on the football."

Expectations for Practice No. 3:
"We need to have a better day and be able to sustain it more. We're still learning to practice at a fast pace. Communication and all the things you have to do with that - you have to be able to think when you get tired, concentrate and sustain things. I think that is a work in progress. What I like about tomorrow is that we don't have a lot of time between practices so we are going to have to bounce back and do a really good job of working and grinding through it tomorrow."



On Ross Jenkins's father passing away:
"Everyone in our program's thoughts are with Ross and his family right now. I know it is very difficult for him but I know his teammates and the coaches are certainly here for Ross and his family. It is really sad about what happened."