Quotes from Spring Practice No. 3



March 19, 2012

“It was a good, competitive first day [in pads]. That has been the thing I have been most pleased with three practices in is the way guys are competing against each other. There are a lot of slots where we have two and three guys competing for a starting spot. That just makes everyone better. I think we’re a long way ahead of where we have been. We just have to continue to come out here and focus on details and getting better. We’ll obviously clean up a lot of that stuff; we obviously don’t have all of our offense or defense in. We just have to continue putting stuff in, learn how to run them and execute.”

On rise and fall:

“I thought it was pretty good today. I thought Jacarri Jackson did some good things. He is maturing and playing with more confidence. Our backs have continued to improve and I think they are going to be a strength for us. Ray Holley, Hunter Lee and Tevin King are all going to be solid football players for us I think.”

“I have been pleased with how the young linebackers have been doing, Rufus [Porter] and Antonio Mitchum have been running around, been active and making plays. Javontay Crowe is a guy that stuck out today and anytime you put the pads on he sticks out because he is so physical. He did some god things. I think Dave Clark did some good things; he is very much improved at the corner spot.”

“It’s been good [overall]. We have to continue to improve our pass rush some. IK [Enemkpali] has done a good job but we need to get a little bigger push from some of the other guys.”



On Oscar Johnson moving to left tackle:

“It’s been good. When you move to tackle, you are playing in a bit more space so you have to be better on your technique and there are some things he has to get better at like keeping his hands back a little more. He’s a talented kid. We will see how it works it out. I have been pleased with Jens Danielson, a newcomer. He is one where we weren’t quite sure what we were getting but he looks like he will be a good player and I have been surprised at how quickly he has picked things up.”

On Jacarri Jackson:

“He has been playing with more confidence. He has always been a good athlete and had good size, I just don’t know how confident he has been in his abilities. I think he is getting more and more confident and it just takes a little bit of time for some of those guys to come into their own. Colby [Cameron] went through the same thing. I’m not sure how confident he was as a player and he realized midway through the year last year that ‘Hey, I can do this.’ He has been different since then and I think Jacarri is undergoing the same process.”