Quotes from 2010 Spring Practice #5



March 24, 2010

RUSTON, La. - Quotes following spring practice No. 5.

"I like the way we are working. I feel like we had another good practice today. We started a little slow early on but I thought the team period was pretty competitive. The defense made a bunch of plays and the offense responded and made some plays down the stretch. I thought it was a pretty solid workout."

"I think our quarterbacks had one of their better days today. We repeated another script today so it was the second time that they had a chance to practice those plays and you could tell. The receivers and quarterbacks are starting to get on the same page although we still have a long way to go. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done but I think we are headed in the right direction."

On defense:
"I think it [the defense] is a good, solid group. Those guys are playing hard and I have been really happy with the play that we have had. We’ve had a few guys go down [with injuries] but other guys have stepped up. It has been a real pleasant surprise the way those guys have played at a high level and have done so pretty consistently."

On the cornerbacks:
"They have been one of the bright spots, defensively. Josh Victorian and Terry Carter have both been really consistent. Those are two of the guys that have really stood out so far and I have been really happy with their play. They have both made a lot of plays and are playing with a lot of confidence right now. I expect them to be a strength of our team."

On the Inside receivers:
"Richie Casey is a guy that has been a little banged up but we are counting on to have a big year. He can do a lot of different things with the football and I think he’ll be a good receiver. He’ll be a good guy with the ball in his hands, making plays and he has been pretty solid. Eric Harper is another guy that can make an impact. He has a big body and can go get the football and make plays down the field. He’s a guy with a lot of upside. He is still learning how to play the game but I feel like he could have a good year."