Quotes from Spring Practice No. 7



March 26, 2012

“It was really hot today and I think that is a good thing. It is good for our players to come out and work through it. Obviously we are going to have heat in North Louisiana so it is one of those things that is good for us to get out here and get accustomed to it. It makes us mentally tougher as we learn to grind through it.”

On recovering from Saturday’s scrimmage:

“I thought it was really good. I thought the scrimmage was good; I didn’t think it was bad at all. I was pleased after watching film on a lot of things. What you want as a head coach is for both sides to do well and I thought both sides did in the scrimmage. Today was good because it was competitive. A lot of times you have a little bit of a letdown coming off a scrimmage but we came out hitting today. It was a really physical practice. The guys were getting after it, competing and that was good to see.”

On the wide receivers:

“They were better. We still have to get those guys more competitive and making more plays. That is the thing you have to be able to do in this offense is make the one-on-one competitive plays. When we’ve been good on offense we have made the plays and when we haven’t, we haven’t made the plays. That is really what it comes down to. We just need to get more guys making more plays. We did a better job today but we are still not where we need to be.”

On who stood out Monday:

“Offensively, Nick Isham had a better day today than he did in the scrimmage. He did some good things and I think he is getting better. I didn’t think he played great in the scrimmage but he came out playing well today. He was a little more focused and made some quicker decisions. David Gru was better today than he was in the scrimmage; I thought he did some good things.”



“I have been really pleased with the way we have played with our offensive line play as well. We have some depth for the first time at spots and we have some guys competing for starting jobs. IT is good to see the second team offensive line go in there and not miss a beat and in some cases out-perform the first team offensive line.”

On Ryan Allen:

“Ryan has been good. What happens to punters this time of year is they don’t get rushed much and so they get a little bit slow in their approach and getting the ball off. The same is true for Ryan, he has been a little slower right now than it needs to be but he has a lot of time to get that worked out. As far as kicking the ball and kicking with confidence, he obviously has confidence and a lot of ability. The big thing he did last year was stay consistent. We just need to continue to develop that consistency and that same approach as he had last year. We also have Matt Nelson back and snapper Josh Cuthbert back so really we have all three special teams spots back.”