Quotes from Spring Practice No. 8



March 28, 2012

"The most important thing about the spring is guys coming out competing against each other. We had some days where we were not sharp as others. Our effort has been consistently good. I thought offensively we grasped things a little better today and faster."

"We are doing some good things defensively. Jamel Johnson is continuing to improve and play faster. He has an opportunity to have a big year. Andre Taylor is starting to do good things at the defensive end position. He is still learning how to play over there and all the technique. His athleticism is really good and is starting to understand the toughness needed at the position."

On Running Backs:

"The funny thing is the three years I was at Arizona we ended the year with our fourth string running back. I think that is the nature of college football. Those guys get beat up and take so many hits during the course of the season. You are lucky if you can make it through with two guys, must less three. We have to have depth there. I feel pretty good about our guys, they just have to stay health, get a few back from injury and got to have some young guys to give us depth as well. I feel pretty good about the position, just need to develop some more depth."

On Secondary:

"We are just moving some guys around and the good thing is from a competitive stand point in that they are going against each other. What you try to do is try to find your best combination, move some guys around and it is like anybody else in that we want Dave [Clark] to play both left and right corner."

On Beau Fitte:

"Beau is going through what a lot of freshman are going through with their heads are spinning. He is trying to learn the technique and he is a guy when he cuts it loose he has a lot of ability. Being a fast guy he needs to play fast and be able to recognize things."



On Scrimmage on Friday:

"It will be more of a practice than a scrimmage. We will make the team period live. They will have to go through a full practice and we will see how guys react when they are tied. We won't go as many plays as last week. We have to make sure we are tackling and give our guys an opportunity to do it in practice."