Quotes from Third Spring Scrimmage



April 5, 2012

Head Coach Sonny Dykes

On the scrimmage:

“It was a good practice. We went about an hour before we scrimmaged and got a lot of work done in that time. It was another competitive scrimmage. I thought we made some big plays offensively and thought our defense did a good job early. The first team flew around and made plays on third down. It was a good, competitive, hard fought scrimmage.”

On Zach Griffith:

“I think Zach Griffith has a new life. When you feel you have more of an opportunity guys tend to raise their level of play. I thought he played really well. He has had two good practices prior to this and did a great job moving the offense. That is what a quarterback does is move the offense and score touchdowns.

On Scott Cathcart:

“It was good to see some guys that we had been waiting on to make plays final make some plays. Scott made a couple of long runs. He showed some things we have been waiting on. It was good to see him execute and make some plays.”

On positives coming out of the scrimmage:

“We wanted to see some of our downhill run game which we have a lot of the three back stuff. I think it is good for our defense to see since they don’t see that a lot from our offense since we mostly run misdirection stuff. It was good to see that and for our defense to go against that. We wanted to do that and run some situational stuff. It was good to see the first team offense move the ball during the two-minute drill. A lot of positives and we came out healthy.”

On the physical play:

“We had a couple of fights which if you don’t have fights in the spring you are not going to have a good team. It was good to see those guys compete against each other. You expect to see that in spring football and the guys are getting tired of going against each other. We have three practices next week and give us a little bit of a break this weekend and come back Monday night.”



On what he is looking for the final practices:

“Just continued improvement. Told our guys that we will see how good of a team we will have next fall by how the next three practices go. What tends to happen is that guys don’t come out with the same intensity this time of the spring. We will find out how we come back on Monday after a break and with the intensity how much we have improved.”


Junior Quarterback Colby Cameron

On improved play of wide receivers:

“I think the older guys who have been in it have excelled that much more. They are fast and much more dynamic in their routes. They are working on the details instead of the basics of the offense. The young guys are starting to see the leadership in the older people and working on the details of their routes. As a whole group we are getting better.”