Quotes from Spring Practice No. 13



April 9, 2012

On Practice:

“I thought it was good and was pleasantly surprised honestly. We had a long weekend off and came out focused and pretty sharp. We started out slow but the intensity really picked up. We got a lot of work done today and was really encouraged by today’s practice.”

On Scott Cathcart:

“The biggest thing is that he is playing faster than he was. He was worried about technique and assignment before but now he has that squared away. That is allowing him to play him faster and with more confidence which allows him to make plays.”

On Zach Griffith:

“He has been a really pleasant surprise. He has probably improved as much as anybody this spring. The funny thing about quarterbacks is that when they have to step up they do. It was kind of like Colby [Cameron] last year when he had to step up. Zach has seen an opportunity and is working his tail off to make the most of it.

On goals of practice on Wednesday:

“Being focused, intense and getting a lot of work out of it. You only get 15 practices in the spring so you can’t come out and have a bad day. We have to grind it out and have a solid practice on Wednesday. Our guys are rested and should be fresh. We also have guys coming back from injury and it is good to get them out there and going.

On what they are looking to get out of the Spring Game:

“Anytime you get into a game situation you don’t want to turn the ball over on offense while creating turnovers on defense. We also want to play clean with few penalties, tackle well and see us play fast. We have some pretty good team speed and our guys are starting to learn how fast you have to play. As a result we get better as a team.”

On few turnovers in practices:

“I think it is more of the guys getting on the same page. Most interceptions are either because of poor judgment by the quarterback or miscommunication between the quarterback and receivers. As the guys run routes a million times and get comfortable there is more understanding between the quarterback and receiver. I think interceptions are typically more of an offensive thing. You also want to see guys playing aggressively on defense. Dave Clark has done that all spring at the corner spot and has gotten some interceptions as a result. I think interceptions are typically because of mistakes offensively than good plays by the defense.”