Tech Wraps Up Spring Practice


Posted Apr 19, 2007 21:35:24

Tech Wraps Up Spring Practice

RUSTON -- Tech head coach Derek Dooley spent 14 Spring practices with his team in preparation for Saturday?s T-Day scrimmage and the 2007 season and said he is happy with the progression from his Bulldog squad.

?I?ve been very pleased with the progress we?ve made over the course of 14 practices,? Dooley said. ?The effort, the attitude has been great. The players have improved each day. They?ve showed a willing to buy into what we?re doing. Whenever we were disappointed in certain things, the next day they responded. That?s all we can ask for in the players. We have a long way to go as a football team, but compared to where we were 14 practices ago, it?s been excellent.?

Tech?s spring practices have led to Saturday, where the coaches will be able to see their team in live game situations and can make better evaluation of the players. Dooley said he believes the spring game will be a good opportunity for the players to show what they can do.

?We?ve tried to simulate it with a scrimmage, but the spring game is a good opportunity to see who can step up and make plays,? Dooley said. ?The one thing we do in the spring game is we keep it very simple. There should be no confusion, and the guys should be able to play fast and it?s a one on one competitive matchup at every position. That?s really the best way to evaluate the players.?

For senior quarterback Zac Champion, this will be his last spring practice and scrimmage as he prepares for his final season in a Bulldog uniform and said he is pleased with the way the Spring went for the team.

?I thought it was good,? Champion said. ?I thought we had an awesome spring practice. As far as overall, I think the feelings of the team are high. There?s a lot of different stuff going on, but we?re responding to it well, and we?re having a blast doing it too. I think it?s all going to be fun to watch.?

Sophomore linebacker Quin Harris also said he felt good about Spring and is looking forward to Saturday?s T-Day scrimmage.

?Saturday will show how much we?ve progressed during the spring,? Harris said. ?I think it will show we are better as a team and a unit, not just as an offense or a defense but as a team and as a whole. What I really like is we?re all getting accustomed to the schemes on all sides. We?ve done a ton of work to be here, but we know there?s still a lot of work to be done to be where we want to be. I?m excited to see us come together as a team, not just as individual units as offense or defense.?

Saturday?s game will be open to the public and is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.