Bulldogs Look Determined in Third Day of Drills


Posted Aug 6, 2003 21:58:51
Bulldogs Look Determined in Third Day of Drills

RUSTON - Louisiana Tech picked up the pace a notch Wednesday night during the Bulldogs third day of fall practice as head coach Jack Bicknell and Co. now sit three weeks away from the season opener against Miami in Shreveport.

Tech spent much of the second half of practice with the offense matching up against the defense in live, light contact drills.

"We finally got a chance to get the uppers on and now we can finally play some football," Bicknell said. "Prior to this we were working on a lot of individual even during the team period. Now the progression is to start ones vs. ones."

As with most practice sessions early in fall drills, the Louisiana Tech defense seemed to be one step ahead of the offense more times than not. Bicknell said he expects that and is looking more at intangibles than the actual outcome of plays.

"I am pleased with tonight," Bicknell said. "The offense is always behind the defense. It's always a struggle. Plays always get blown up. I'm just looking for attitude and work ethic and guys are working hard. I think it's evident that they are very focused on the season."

Senior signal caller Luke McCown said he has seen a drastic difference in the first three days of this fall practice as opposed to last years.

"I think it is going well," McCown said. "It still reminds me of the spring. Guys are hungry. Last year at this time, everyone was just dredding two-a-days and ready to get fall practice out of the way. We took it for granted. This year everyone is hungry and wants to get back to winning."

The Bulldogs will continue fall practice Thursday night at 7 p.m. in uppers before practicing in full pads for the first time Friday evening.