Quotes from Fall Practice No. 3



Aug. 11, 2010

Head Coach Sonny Dykes

"I thought today was a really solid day. Both sides competed at a really high level. The offense was vastly improved today over yesterday; they competed at a higher level and they were more consistent. You can see the quarterbacks starting to get more comfortable and the receivers start to get more comfortable and as a result, they are starting to play a little bit faster. Anytime you play faster, it puts more pressure on the defense. I thought they did some good things today."

"Defensively, I thought we still competed hard. The cornerbacks did a good job and the linebackers stood out today. I thought Ramone Randle had a really good day today on the defensive line. I've been happy with those guys. We're getting good, solid competition and guys are fighting hard for jobs and we're being real productive."

On the quarterbacks:
"We did a good job and we got the ball down the field more today than we have. I think, again, that's a byproduct of those receivers and quarterbacks starting to get on the same page and starting to get some things figured out. I like what I'm starting to see. We're progressing; all the quarterbacks are vastly improved over where they were in the spring. We're getting better every day."

On adding shoulder pads to practice:
"It makes it a little more physical. It gives you a chance to work through some things as well. All of a sudden, the game becomes a little more physical and doesn't become quite as technical or mental. We will need to adjust and do a good job of using our hands on both sides of the ball and getting off blocks, sustaining blocks and all those things you have to do to have a good football team."

"It's going to be important for us to be good fundamentally, being a team that blocks well, being a team that tackles well. Tomorrow we can start heading in that direction."