Louisiana Tech Weekly Press Conference Transcript: Sept. 16

Sept. 16, 2013

RUSTON, La. - Louisiana Tech head coach Skip Holtz met with the media Monday during the program’s weekly press conference as he recapped the game against Tulane and previewed Saturday’s game at Kansas. Holtz was joined by offensive coordinator Tony Petersen and wide receiver/return specialist Andrew Guillot.

Head coach Skip Holtz

Opening comments:

 “Having a chance to recap Tulane and looking back a week, what a great opportunity we had ahead of us with playing at home, it being on Fox Sports 1 and getting to kick off the Conference USA season for us. I thought the crowd was great. The student body was great. There were a lot of things in place to make that such a special night.”

“I am very grateful to Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw for taking time to come in and address the team, talk to them and I thought they did a great job and had some great messages. It was a great experience for our players. It was great as coaches to be a part of something like that.”

“The unfortunate part was with the opportunity we had, we really did not make the most of it on the field. We talk about the circus outside of college football and that one had all the makings with the national television, a lot of the people that were here, the crowd, Thursday night, etc., and again, we just did not make the most of our opportunities.”

“In looking at the game, I said it was hard to watch, but there were also some things I thought were really fun to watch. I enjoy the way our defense is playing right now. I enjoy some of the things they are doing with more takeaways being created and positive field positions. They started the offense on the 28 and 11 yard lines and had six sacks. I think they are flying around and running to the ball. They gave up 14 points on two drives and of those two drives, they gave up five big plays. For the rest of the night and the other 75 plays they played, I thought our defense played an outstanding football game.”



“The unfortunate part is that out of the two turnovers the offense had, Tulane had a total of minus one yard off those two turnovers, but 10 points, and the difference in that game was nine points.”

“That is the thing that is frustrating with turning the ball over on the two-yard line where they were able to score in one play, and then, turning the ball over on the 30-yard line where our defense took them backward for minus three yards and they ended up kicking a field goal.”

“It is just hard when you have guys that are playing that hard that were not able to become a little bit more productive. I just really think our defense is playing well.”

“I thought Daniel Cobb played the best game since he has been here and in the first three. He was all over the field. He is a senior and it is showing. His leadership is showing and I think he is doing a great job. The linebackers are really coming with him and Mitch Villemez and you can see them getting better and better each and every game.”

“The defensive front continues to play outstanding. IK (Enemkpali), (Vontarrius) Dora, Justin Ellis, Shakeil (Lucas), Vernon Butler and all those names we have been mentioning three weeks in a row now; I think they continued to play really good football for us.”

“As fun as it was to watch a lot of the good things that are happening on defense, I thought there were a lot of positive and exciting moments in the special teams as well. To have three of our four kickoffs being touchbacks, that is the first time we have gotten that much consistency. I think Kyle Fischer did a nice job kicking the ball on kickoffs. We tried to put some Band-Aid’s on our kickoff team because a week ago against Lamar, they started to cross our 40-yard line a few times with their kickoff returns. They had one return Thursday night for 18 yards.”

“I thought our kickoff team did a much better job. I thought the punt return was exciting. They really had two plays in that game – the one where they created the positive field position and Blake Martin tackled their punter on a bobbled snap and then the punt return is one of the most exciting plays in football. To see Andrew Guillot and his effort and what he did with that punt and go the length of the field. We set it up and talked about it to make some blocks on that play and give him some opportunities to spring.”

“I thought it was a great individual effort. Unfortunately, at the very beginning of it, we had a push in the back that ended up negating it and bringing it all back. I thought there were a lot of things to build on in the kicking game.”

“We do need to get more consistent with punting and kicking the ball. After a 15-yard punt, I started letting Gerald Shouse punt. I thought he went in and did a nice job. We had a couple big punts, but we definitely have to get more consistent in our special teams.”

“The area we have to get better and the area I would say as a unit we are really struggling at is on the offensive side of the ball. We are not getting the productivity out of our offensive line and quarterbacks like we need to get. We have to get better in those two areas. I think we have way too much pressure on the quarterback and when we do not have pressure, we are not able to give our wide receivers an opportunity to catch the ball. I do not think we threw the ball very accurately. I think we have to get much more productive at those two positions.”

“I think some guys at receiver are really playing well. We talked about Andrew Guillot and the effort he is putting forth and what he is doing for us. D.J. Banks played an excellent football game. We just were not able to get the ball in his hands. He did not have a catch, but I thought he played 75 plays as hard as anyone on the field. I think Sterling Griffin is doing some good things for us. Richie Casey is very solid. He is there every down, he catches the ball and runs good routes. We just have to give those guys a few more opportunities.”

“Tevin King is a dynamic playmaker. We just have to get a little bit more consistency in our running game. That is where we have to get 11 guys all doing the right thing at the same time. On defense, you have 10 guys that could be picked up, carried down field and put on their back, but if one guy beats a block and gets a tackle for a minus nine yard gain, everybody jumps up and celebrates. If a defensive back were to blow coverage and roll up and let a guys behind him, and they do not see it, you can get by with some of those mistakes.”

“Offense is 11 guys in unison all doing the same thing. Five guys are up front working together and then with the quarterback and receivers, we are just not on the same page. I do not think it is effort. I do not think it is desire. I do not think it is want-to. I think everybody on the offensive side of the ball is embarrassed by what we did, but I also think they can watch film and see where we can get an awful lot better.”

“I do not think it helped us in the second quarter when Scotty went out with his ribs and Ryan (Higgins) came in to play his first college game in the second half. You could see from the way he played in the third quarter to the way he played in the fourth quarter, I thought he got more and more comfortable as the game went on. Right now, the frustrating part is we have to do a better job as an offense, as a staff and as players. We have some guys that really need to come around. When we talk about inexperience, there are about five guys off that football team last year on the offensive side of the ball that are on NFL rosters right now – a quarterback, two tackles, two wide receivers. We have some pretty big shoes to fill. We have some guys that have to step up and that is why I say we are continually a work in progress. I think these players attitude, togetherness and moral is – I am not going to say it is damaged. I will say they are determined. I think they are probably more determined than ever. I think they are staying together and they want to get it straight. They realize we have nine games left and I think there is an awful lot of fight in this team and we are really excited about the opportunity we have this week to play a Big 12 opponent like Kansas.”

“Looking at Kansas and going to play up there this week, when you look at them, kind of through recruiting they have brought a number of JC/transfer type players. They are a very talented football team, but they are probably in a very similar situation as us. They are trying to all get on the same page and get it all to gel and become a big melting pot and come together. They are very talented.”

“When you look at them on offense, their quarterback has a huge arm. It is the best arm we have seen so far this year. He has a huge, strong arm. He is a transfer coming in there and a very talented player. Their offensive line is very big. The wide receiver (No. 3) is a big-play receiver. They are going to try and get him the ball any way they can. They are going to line him up at running back, Z, X, H and Y. They are going to line him up everywhere, and more or less, they are going to try and get the ball to him as a dynamic, big playmaker that can break tackles and has the speed to go the distance and put points on the board. I think he is the most explosive player they have on the offensive side of the ball. Their running backs are very solid. They run hard, big and physical – everything you would expect a Big 12 running back to be.”

“I think on defense, they have a huge defensive line. They are very big and athletic. Athleticism is certainly not something they are short on. They have three starters back from last year. They have seven guys that played quite a bit and they have seven transfers. When you look at them, they have an awful lot of new faces that are on the field and in the mix. I do not think you can look at last year’s film. It does not do you a lot of good. They are running a different scheme this year with a lot more three-down than four-down. I think their linebacker (No. 31) is all over the field. At Rice, I do not know how many tackles he had, but he is in on almost every tackle or right around it if he is not in on it. He plays extremely hard. He is a 230-pound middle linebacker and I think he is their most effective player on defense. As I said, you need to know where he is at all times.”

“Their corners are good and they play a lot of man-coverage, so a lot of what we saw Saturday, I would imagine is what we are going to see Saturday. I think the challenge for our offensive staff is we have to have a plan for what we saw Thursday night. I do not think we did a good enough job Thursday night to give our players something they could execute against. We have to help them a little bit more. That is what this week will be all about because we do realize we are going to get an awful lot of man-coverage and we have to have a plan.”

“With special teams, I would not imagine our kickoff return will get another opportunity. They kick pretty much everything out of the end zone as touchbacks. The one that kicks off is a junior college transfer and also their punter. He is averaging about 45-yards a punt. They have very good special teams and are very solid when they kick the ball.”

“It ought to be a great challenge for us. Nobody likes to lose. Nobody likes to lose, especially with everything like starting Conference USA and having the opportunities we had in this game, but we cannot change the past. All we can do is go forward. Our players have a great attitude and a very determined mindset as we move forward to get some of the things straight. We are all in this together and as a family and Louisiana Tech, we are all in this together. We are going to go through some of the growing pains and continue to build, grow and every day we are going to get better and go play this football game and see how much we have improved in a week. I am looking forward to the opportunity at Kansas.”

On preparing to face Kansas Saturday:

“On Friday, we sat down and the staff went out recruiting. Players came in, lifted and ran. They tried to flush their bodies after a game. On Saturday morning, we came in here as a staff and watched it. At that point, I saw players in here Friday and Saturday watching the film. Most of them had already seen the film by noon Saturday. Most of the players came in on their own to watch it.”

“We kind of went through and spent quite a bit of time as a staff Saturday on Tulane and what we have to do to get better, where we need to improve and what we need to do a better job of as a staff giving our players opportunities moving forward.”

“The one thing everyone is on the same page with and like [Justin Ellis] said in the game afterward, we cannot look at it like we are improving defensively. If we score 15, we have to hold them to 14. If we score three, we have to hold them to none. That is the way it has to be and there are going to be other games, hopefully as we go through this season, where if we give up 52, we have to score 53. That is how you have to put it together. We have spent a lot of time kind of figuring out how all the pieces of the puzzle were going to fit together offensively and defensively.”

“Putting together these game plans for Kansas, we only had one game because they were open the first week of the season. They have only played two games at this point and we took everything we could off of that first game, then we came in Sunday and took everything we could off the Rice game. The players had off Saturday and then we brought them back over here Sunday. We lifted, ran, got a good meeting in and then had a good practice that night. They will then have today off.”

“I think this open date with the two days off will give a lot of guys an opportunity to heal up some of these bumps and bruises. There are a lot of guys in the training room. Hopefully, it will give Scotty (Young) a little bit more time to come back from his ribs and Kenneth Dixon to come back with his knee. Both of them practiced last night and I am encouraged both of them will have the opportunity to play.”

On Jaydrick DeClouette’s injury:

“He is still probably two or three weeks away. It is unfortunate he got hurt in about the second week of camp with his knee and it was a non-surgical injury, but it is still about a six to eight week injury. We are still waiting on him. Hopefully, he can come back and add a little bit more depth to the outside receiver position.”

“I think we are starting to create some depth. We are making some changes and looking at some changes this week on the offensive line with moving a couple people around and finding that right combination. The same thing with the wide receivers – we are trying to do anything we can as a staff to put players in a position where they can make a play for us.”

“We are looking at a couple of those things, but when DeClouette gets back, he definitely gives you some flexibility because of how well he was playing when he got hurt.”

On Kenneth Dixon and Scotty Young’s injuries:

“Right now for Scotty, it has been determined at this point he has bruised ribs. The reason he was not able to come back is because they were concerned about his spline or a possible broken rib at that point. You do not want to put a young man out there and that is why he did not play in the second half. He is very sore, but at this point, it is going to be as much as he can tolerate the pain with his throwing motion; that is what it is going to come down to. I am encouraged by what I saw last night. If the game were yesterday, he would not be able to play, but I am certainly encouraged with a week of treatment and everything else that he has a chance.”

“Kenneth looked even better last night. Running around, I think he is going to be fine. I think he will be much closer to full go next week. He is still wearing the knee brace from a protective standpoint, but I think even he felt a lot better on it last night than he has up to this point having a couple days off from it. I think he played about three plays in that game. He said he could go and it felt great, but watching him run, I did not feel like he was at full speed, so that is why I did not play him anymore in that game.”

“Right now, I believe they are both probable. We will see as the week goes on, but I think they will both probably play.”

On the Kansas game being a turning point for the team going forward:

“I think we had a great meeting last night. The thing I think everybody has in their mindset right now is we have to get this straight. We have to take ownership. When you watch that film, we left a lot of yards and production on the field and it is what we do. Right now, I am more concerned about us blocking the right guy, going where we are supposed to go, making the right read and throwing where we need to. I think the players are even looking at it and thinking they can do that. They can make that block. They can make this run, etc. They are very determined. They are a proud group. They have worked extremely hard and want to be good. I do think this can be a turning point. I think if it hurts bad enough, you come in here and ask what you have to do to get it straight.”

“I thought we had a great meeting last night just from an accountability standpoint and everyone being able to look at it. We watched the film as an offense and as a defense, not as position groups. We watched them as units just so our secondary will be accountable to our d-line and our linebackers would have to be accountable to our secondary and the same thing on offense. When we are sitting in there, the whole football team is asking what we need to do as an offensive line, quarterback, receiver or a running back. I thought it was a very productive meeting.”

On moving people around and switching up the lineup:

“If I had three shells up here, I could move them around and show you some of the things we were doing. We are just taking a look at whatever we have to do right now. We are looking at who is grading well, who is really close. Right now, I think our tackles are playing pretty well. Between (Jeremy) Graffree, (Mitchell) Bell and Jens Danielsen, there are some really good things going with those three at tackle.”

“We have to look to secure some things and get a little bit better inside with our guards and centers. We are going to take a look at some things. The danger to this is how much movement. You do not want to move everybody around where you are starting at square one again. We are probably going to piddle with a couple things and make a decision with it by Tuesday and spending a lot of time on that today. We moved a couple guys around last night. We will kind of make some final decisions as we get into Tuesday and Wednesday.”

On how much more the defense can do to help the offense:

“As many great things we have talked about defense, it can get better. They are giving us an opportunity. When your offense has the opportunity to start on the 28 and 11-yard lines, they are creating positive field position and in the first two games, we did not do that at all. That is what we had talked about is our defense had to start getting some positive field position and now the next step is what we were talking about after the game and I would like to see our defense score.”

“Rice wins that game and their linebacker picks off a pass and runs it back for a touchdown. They win 23-14 after running a pass back. I think our defense is doing some great things and being as aggressive as they are, in trying to force the issue a little bit more, we are going to have an opportunity to create a couple more turnovers and positive field positions, and hopefully set up some scores, if we do not score ourselves, on defense. It would be exciting to watch our defense score at this point.”

On the challenges of playing on the road:

“Crowd noise. Being at NC State, this may sound like it is not a lot, but a lot of these players have three games under their belts, and I think having the experience at NC State will help a lot of them. When you play on the road, it is crowd noise, you cannot communicate as well, from a personnel standpoint with substitutions, getting your calls on special teams and getting everybody out on the field on the same page. Those are some of the challenges on the road. It is the same field if we just worry about what is going on in between the lines. With some of the pre-snap penalties we have had offensively, we have to try and do whatever we can to eliminate them right now.”

On being surprised by the offense’s struggles this season:

“No, I did not. I thought we would be a little bit farther along than we are, but again, I did not realize the quarterback we had as a starter would not be playing and our starting tailback would be out and we would be playing with some of the two’s.”

“There are some positions I think are playing a lot better than I thought. I talked about my concern with receivers coming into this season. I think our receivers have really played well. I think they have played with guts, heart, toughness, aggressiveness and attitude. I have really been encouraged.”

“We are probably not being as productive as I thought we could be on the offensive line and quarterback, but there are some other areas I think we are really doing some really good things. That is why I keep saying we have to put it all together as an offensive unit.”

On the defense keeping you in the game most of the time:

“It is a whole lot better than not having a defense because then the scores could get ugly. Right now, when you look at the seniority, and a lot has been said during camp about our defensive line, and how well they have been playing; I think with the way Daniel Cobb and Mitch Villemez and some of those linebackers are coming along – it looks like we are going to get Nick Thomason should be coming back this week. (Andre) Wiggins was back last week, but then went out with an injury. With the way the linebackers are coming and the way that secondary is starting to evolve, you look at a guy like Adairius Barnes, who had a tough game at NC State after all the hype, and you look at the way Kentrell Brice has started to come; Xavier Woods, Adairius Barnes, Le’Vander Liggins – all of a sudden we have some guys in that secondary that are starting to grow up and really doing some good things.”

“Some of the question marks on defense have really come along and those young men have done a really nice job, but offensively, we just have not been able to get it all to come together as a unit. If we can get some more productivity out of those couple positions, I definitely think our defense give us a chance to be in a lot of football games. Knowing we have that behind us takes some pressure off your offense and a punt is not a bad play. If we have to punt the ball and say, go 80 yards against our defense to beat us, I do not think there are a whole lot of people that are going to take the ball and consistently drive it 80 yards. What we cannot do is what we did Saturday where our defense gives up minus one yard and they give up 10 points. We cannot put our defense in that position and expect to win football games.”

On the redzone scoring versus Tulane:

“I do not think it was so much the redzone. We had the same problems in the field. The center does not hear the snap count. We have nine guys jump and we do not snap the ball. All of a sudden, you have to go 15 yards and then you come up on fourth and three. If we do not jump offside, we make the first down and now you are inside the three going on first and goal. On Tevin King’s long run, he goes outside and makes a great run with great blocks. We get down the field on the three, we line up and jump offsides. Now we are on the eight. You run the ball, have an incomplete pass and next thing you know, you are kicking a field goal.”

“I do not think it is so much the redzone woes as much as it is offensive woes. I think some of the things that are biting us right now in the red zone are the same things that are biting us in the field, and that is why I talked about pre-snap penalties and loss-yardage plays being two things we have to be able to eliminate as an offense. If we can just get to the point where we are not taking penalties, going backward and not taking loss-yardage plays, I think we have a solid running game. I think our quarterback can be good. I think he can do a nice job if our receivers are playing well and all we need are 10 yards. If we cannot get it, punt it away and say defense, let’s go get it. At some points, defense will create positive field position.”

“As a young team, that is what we need to do. There was some criticism for how much we protected the quarterbacks early in the season. We were very conservative with them. I think right now as an offense with as much inexperience as we have out there, that is what we need to do to win with our defense capable of playing the way they are. I think our special teams have really done a nice job so far this year.”

On Daniel Cobb’s play thus far:

“I think there is part of that. There is a light at the end of the tunnel when you are a senior. You start to realize this is the last one. I want to have no regrets. I am going to put it all on the field. You also understand it, you are more mature, you have been around the game and understand how it is played. You understand the role it is played.”

“Daniel Cobb has come in and become a leader for us. He is vocal, flying around and talkative. He has come right in and his personality has brought an awful lot to the defensive side of the ball. As a linebacker, you are tied into the front end of the secondary. Daniel has really been accepted because of his commitment, work habits and the way he has come in here with that back-up-against-the-wall mentality you talked about where this is the last chance in his senior year. It is a little bit different going through your senior year because you realize this is the last time. I do not think it has ever been truer. Freshmen and sophomores want to play. Juniors want to start. Seniors want to win. I think Daniel Cobb is showing that in the way he is playing right now.”


Offensive Coordinator Tony Petersen

On the team meeting after Tulane:

“It was a little bit of a reality check, a come-to-Jesus type of meeting with everybody.  We have to circle the wagons a little bit on offense and everybody in that room has to take accountability for what is happening out on the field right now.  We are young.  We are not very experienced, but there is nothing we can do about that.  We as coaches have to do a better job of getting our players better prepared to go out there and execute the players.  Then the players have also got to take their accountability.  We had a great meeting yesterday.  I think we looked at it and they understand the issues they have and they have to go out there and they have a job to do.  I do not think we are asking them to do something they cannot do.  We have to do a better job of offensively, as coaches, getting it out of them and they have to do a better job executing which was basically the jest of the meeting yesterday.  It was a great meeting as an offensive unit with our whole offense in there and our staff.  I think it is going to go a long ways.  We have got to get out there and execute the plays that we are running better and make sure we are not having one little mistake here, one there, one here, because it only takes one guy on offense.   On offense, one guy makes a mistake and it can totally ruin the play.”

On if the offensive struggles were expected coming into this season:

“I did not expect the offense to struggle, especially like we did on Thursday night.  You come in and you have a lack of experienced.  You have a lot of seniors that walked out the door.  Their offense was a great offense last year.  They have a lot of guys in camps and the NFL, but you cannot use that as an excuse.  I do not use that even for a second.  We have to go out there and execute better.  We have kids with plenty of talent.  We are young and we have to do better.  We have to do better as coaches and as players and our players understand that.  We are all together in this.  We have a great group of kids in that room and I think we will get better each and every game.  It was a very disappointing offensive performance last week.  I think we will bounce back from it and we will do a lot better.”

On how much of the offensive woes start with the offensive line:

“If you are solid up front and you have a bunch of guys who have played a lot of games, you can hide a lot of things.  When you are not, you cannot.  Usually what you need then is either a quarterback or a receiver who is a difference maker, especially a quarterback or receiver, somebody that is big time that can erase things.  Right now we do not have a bunch of erasers.  We are not experienced up front.  Everybody on our offense has to do their job on their play.  I do not we are asking them to do anything that they cannot do.  Our kids are very capable of doing it, but everybody has got to execute better.  We had a couple of plays where one lineman misses a block and all of a sudden the quarterback is getting killed.  You look down the field and you are like if we just help up on that blocker we have a big play down the field.  It is very frustrating, but our kids see it and it is also exciting because I can see where we can go and where we can be.  I think our kids feel the same way.” 

On any interest of being on the field instead of in the box coaching:

“Sometimes you might want to be down there.  I have been up in the box for a long time.  I have always felt comfortable up there.  We have some great assistant coaches down on the sidelines.  There has not been one specific thing.  There has not been one specific position.  There is not one thing that you can just go down there and say okay if I can just get this right here done then we are going to fix it.  Everybody’s position has made some mistakes.  All the positions have.  I know I feel better and I do a better job up there in the box and I feel good about the guys we have down on the field.  Our offensive line coach is down there, our receiver coach, our running backs coach.  I feel good with the guys we have done there.  Yeah, you would like to go down there and shake it up a little bit, but I do not think that would be the best thing.”

On if there is even more motivation after Tulane to get better on offense:

“I sure hope so.  I expect it to be.  First thing when I went in when we were watching the film, I told those kids I am embarrassed of the film that is on tape right now going around the country of what we did on Thursday night.  I am not embarrassed of our kids.  I love our kids to death and I am with them until the end, but I am embarrassed of what we put on film as coaches and as players.  Everybody in that room needs to do their part that that does not happen anymore and we move forward.  I have full confidence that we will move forward.  We will execute better and we will do a better job and we will not put anything on tape like what happened on Thursday night again.”

On having more creative plays with the wide receivers:

“We have and we are going to move it around.  Some of it depends on how the defenses are going to play us, but we are going to get the ball out in those guy’s hands even if we have to have some different formations or some different things where we can get some picks and some rubs.  Still, at the end of the day, we have to block, the quarterback has to make the throw and we have to catch.  The first play of the game we could have probably scored.  You are going to miss some of those, but we have to do a better job of executing.”

On approaching and beating man-to-man coverage:

“I think we are going to have to attack them with some of our taller bodies.  We are going to have to give our kids some chances to go up and make some plays.  We are going to have to force them to fight through some rubbing, pick-type of routes, getting the ball down field and getting the ball out in the flat to somebody.  We are going to have to force them to do that to make plays.  We had the eighth, ninth play of the game we could have gone up 14-0 if we had scored the first drive and to Tevin King on a man and was wide open.  It is not one of those ones where we did not execute.  He catches the ball and just walks into the end zone.  We have some stuff to execute better and we have some more things we are going to do.”

On having so many versatile players on offense:

“It is great to have a lot of guys who can do a lot of things.  It really is.  We do have that and we have a lot of options there.  It really comes down to such a lack of execution on Thursday night is the only thing I can say and the main thing we have to get fixed.  Had we not had the lack of execution, we might be sitting here having put up 35 to 42 points because it was there.  When we watched the film yesterday as an offensive unit, those plays were there and we have to do a better job as coaches and our players have to do a better job of executing.”


Wide Receiver Andrew Guillot

On Thursday night and the team’s attitude afterward:

“Thursday night was rough.  It was frustrating, the whole night was.  We really could not get anything going on offense, but I feel like everybody’s head is back on track and we are ready to go to Kansas and win.”

On the benefit to the team meeting:

“It helped everybody understand what we need to do as an offense.  Everybody has to do their job because, like coach said, if one person messes up it shows.  Really, everybody needs to see that we need to be together and really witness what we are capable of if we all just work together.”

On what the receivers are doing to improve on the field:

“If the ball is thrown to us, we always need to go get the ball no matter where it is at.  The quarterbacks are not always going to throw it perfect.  It is our job to make them right.  Really, we just have to get in there and watch film and just know who we are up against and how they are going to play us so when we get on the field we can feel what they are going to do.”

On seeing Daniel Cobb transfer and have the impact he is having:

“He is a great player.  We are honestly lucky to have that guy.  It shows that hard work does pay off and if you want something bad enough you can go get it.” 


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#1 In Louisiana
  • Highest average mid-career salaries for graduates
  • Providing graduates with highest % ROI on their college education
  • Low-cost colleges with highest starting salaries for graduates.
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