Bicknell Pleased with Off-Week Work


Posted Sep 25, 2003 17:53:16
Bicknell Pleased with Off-Week Work

RUSTON - Louisiana Tech head coach Jack Bicknell is the first person to admit that this weekend's open date couldn't have come at a better time for his Bulldog football team.

Following a season-opener against No. 2 ranked Miami and three consecutive road games in three different time zones, Bicknell and Co. returned to Ruston for week of healing, resting and retooling.

After giving his players Sunday and Monday off, the Bulldogs used workouts the past three days to try to fix the problems that have left the usually high-powered Louisiana Tech offense searching for answers.

"It's been real nice to slow down and get back to the fundamentals," Bicknell said. "We've gotten some of the younger guys some work this week as well as working on the little problems that become big problems during the game."

Through the first four games Louisiana Tech is averaging only 17.2 points per game and has converted only 20 percent of its third-down conversions. Bicknell said the blame lies across the board, not with just one or two individuals.

"We simply haven't been clicking on all cylinders," Bicknell said. "The guys are playing hard and are playing smart. We haven't been committing stupid penalties or anything like that. It's just a matter of producing."

One area that Tech has been looking at this week is the offensive line where Bicknell said the coaching staff has been playing with some possible adjustments.

"We are going to move Adrian Gonzalez to right tackle," Bicknell said. "Jordan Lang and Michael Gilmore are competing for a spot and Marcus Stewart is competing to get back into the starting lineup. I'm just determined to find the right five guys."

Bicknell said that he would give the team Friday and Saturday off before returning to the practice field Sunday evening.