Louisiana Tech Press Conference Transcript: Oct. 1

Oct. 1, 2012

RUSTON, La. - Louisiana Tech head coach Sonny Dykes and select student-athletes spoke with the media Monday about last week’s game against Virginia and this week’s upcoming game against UNLV.

Head coach Sonny Dykes

“Our Offensive player of the week was D.J. Banks. Defensive player of the week was Chip Hester. Special teams player of the week was Chad Boyd. Scout offense was Scotty Young. Scout defense was Malcolm Pichon. Special teams scout player of the week was Austin Ginn.”

“I think Matt Nelson was the WAC Special Teams Player of the Week. It was a good performance by Matt. I thought that was the best he has kicked since I have been here. Those were three big field goals obviously and I thought he hit them all real well. I think he is kicking with a lot of confidence right now, so I wanted to recognize him.”

“It is good to go on the road and get another win. It is not often that you play three road games against three teams that went to bowl games last year and win all three of them. I am proud of our players for doing that and I think it is a pretty major accomplishment.”

“I think if you go back to last season and this is just the way the schedule has fallen, I think we were five of our last seven on the road last year and three of our first four this year. So that makes it eight of our last 11 on the road, so we have played a lot of road games here recently.”

“The good thing is I think we have won all eight of them. I credit our players for that. I think you have to have a tremendous amount of toughness and confidence and good team chemistry to be able to do that.”



“I thought Virginia came out and played well Saturday. I thought they had a good game plan early. I they knew that we felt like we need to stop the run defensively, so we loaded up the box. They came out throwing the football and did a good job and completed some passes early and moved the football.”

“We struggled offensively early in the game and they got a pretty good lead on us. Give credit to our players for hanging in there. I do not think anybody panicked. Then we were able to get it a little closer at halftime.”

“It is kind of the same thing the last few weeks at halftime. We kind of talked this week about being down, but we played about as bad as we could play the first half of football and felt like it was still a very competitive football game.”

“We came out in the second half and did most of what we have done this year and that is played well in the third quarter. We got on a little bit of a roll and got some turnovers defensively. We got hot on offense and scored a bunch of points in a row and tried to hold on.”

“That has kind of been what we have tried to do really these last four ball games if you go back and look. I think we have had at least a 20-point lead at some in every game we have played this year and have just tried to hold on down the stretch.”

“We let them have a couple of touchdowns, could not make a first down on offense and then we were fortunate enough to kind of get that play at the end and ran the clock out.”

“It was a good win; a good team effort. I am proud of our guys. I think we showed a lot of toughness. That was a big, physical football game; a big, physical football team. I thought we held up to their physical strength well.”

“The key for us has been creating turnovers defensively and not turning the ball over on offense. That has proved to be the deciding factor in the game.”

On the Virginia game being chippy and the team showing leadership:

“I think it is a little bit of maturity. I think it is a little bit of our ability to focus and try to pay attention to what is important. I think we have to do a little better job than we did. We had some personal fouls and some things we kind of got baited into a little bit. I think a lot of that is just maturity and guys’ understanding what is important.”

“We had a ton of penalties. It was kind of a sloppy game from a penalty standpoint. We are committing a lot of penalties. People are committing a lot of penalties against us, so that normally means you are playing aggressive.”

“There are some penalties we have to get cleaned up. We had I think three false starts that hurt us. We had a couple of personal fouls that hurt us. When you play aggressive football, you are going to have some penalties.”

“I saw a stat; I think my wife pointed this out to me. The five most penalized teams in the country are 19-3 combined, so the old adage that a lot of penalties get you beat is not really true.”

On a lot of penalties:

“It is something we always talked about at Texas Tech. It was funny. When we had really good teams there, we had a lot of penalties. It was the same thing. People had a lot of penalties against us. It is just the way the game is played and the pressure you put on people offensively.”

“The game is going fast. We are playing a lot of plays. There is going to be more yards in these games; more plays in these games. If there are more plays, there are more opportunities for penalties. We want to play aggressive and play aggressive football and sometimes we make some mistakes and have some penalties.”

“Like I said, we have to get it corrected. We are trying to fix it and hopefully get it fixed. It is kind of like time of possession. The old time of possession deal does not really hold true.”

On resiliency after being down at Virginia early:

“It was kind of a slugfest really. We were down early and then we got up and they kept slugging away. Both teams played hard for 60 minutes and we talked about that.”

“I really thought we got Virginia’s best shot. They had lost two games on the road. I think they were really primed to play. I thought they were excited to play against us. I think they came out and played about as well as they could have offensively early and we weathered the storm.”

“That is what you have to do in college football because it is such a game of momentum shift. It is so much different than the pro game just because there are so many more possessions and so many more things happen.”

“And, momentum is so critical. When you can withstand those runs people make against you, you have to have a pretty mentally tough football team to do that and our guys have been able to answer this year. Whether it has been getting a stop when we needed it or scoring a touchdown when we needed to offensively, we have been able to kind of find a way to get it done.”

On the team’s reaction to national attention:

“In some ways, that is up to us as a coaching staff. We are kind of the old guys that realize that buzz does not really do much except set you up for disaster really.”

“We have to do a good job really of making sure we close ranks and these guys understand that it does not matter what somebody writes in a newspaper in Sioux City, S.D., or wherever. That is not really relevant to what we are trying to get done around here. The people that are giving us love will take it away as quickly as they are giving it to us and the people that do not believe in us, they probably do not even know we are Division I. At the end of the day, you cannot look too much into that.”

On the defensive turnovers helping the offense:

“It is the perfect storm in some ways. If you look at the defense, when they score a touchdown, they have to go right back out there again. So, it is funny deal. We run the ball back to the one yard line. They hold us. We run a kickoff back to the one and they hold us four plays there. Our offense is only out there for four and our defense has to go back out there again.”

“We score a touchdown defensively and they have to go right back out there again. That leads to giving up a lot of yards and the more plays, there are more yards. That type of thing goes hand in hand. At the end of the day, we are about trying to create turnovers.”

“It has suited us well. I think we have won 11 consecutive regular season games and every one of those we have won the turnover battle. The last regular season game we lost the turnover battle was the last game we lost and that was against Hawaii. Obviously, you do not have to be real smart to figure out that for us, it is about creating turnovers and taking care of the ball.”

On forcing a back-up quarterback to come into the game:

“The weird thing was the guy started off so well. (Michael) Rocco played so well early in the game. He just got hot and then I think once we got settled in we were able to anticipate some throws. You know we dropped three interceptions. We could have had a couple more and those are plays we have to make. But, the fact is we got three, so I think it is good.”

“Anytime they bring in another quarterback, it means you are doing something right. Those three or four possessions in the fourth quarter were huge. We were able to pull away from them a little bit.”

“But, we have to do a better job finishing games off. We have tried it both ways. We have tried to slow it down a little bit and work the clock. We tried to do that Saturday. I just felt like we had a big enough lead at that time that that was the way to go. And, so much of that goes into who you are playing and what you think you have to do in order to win the game.”

“Every game is different in the way you try to handle the game and making decisions like that. Those decisions, you try to make them on Thursday, but then you never know how the flow of the game is going to go. What you have to do is reassess that during the game and ask yourself if you have a lead, do you want to go ahead and score or milk the clock or can we stop them. And those are all decisions you want to be able to make during the week, but inevitably you have to make them on Saturday just because the game does not always go the way you think it will.”

On success in the third quarter:

“I think our players have a chance to refocus again at halftime. I think we can get together as a coaching staff and talk about some things we like on both sides of the ball; some things that are working and things that are not working and make some adjustments.”

“Really, it is the players. They understand the importance of the first possession of the second half. That is something we try to stress to our guys a lot is understanding how important that possession is because that really sets the tone for the rest of the football game. We have been a good first-possession team offensively and we have done a good job of starting to create turnovers in the third quarter.”

“If you look at the last two weeks, that is when the bulk of those turnovers have come; in the third quarter. Our guys just seem like they come out focused and understand the importance of getting off to a good start.”

On running game with Dixon, Holley and Lee:

“Yeah, Hunter (Lee) will play back there some as well. When Tevin (King) went down, we felt like obviously had two options. We could go with Ray (Holley) or go with Hunter (Lee) teamed with Kenneth (Dixon). The thing that we wanted to do was try to create a situation where we had two different running styles because I think that is always difficult as a defense.”

“That was part of the thing that made Tevin and Kenneth such a good combination was they had very different running styles. Ray fit that bill a little bit better and we decided to go with that. Ray is a little bit more of an elusive, quicker guy, where Hunter is a little bit more of a plotter; more similar to Kenneth.”

“Hunter is such a good receiver as well. He is a guy that we did not get involved probably as much as we would have like to this week and we have to do a better job of getting him the football. He is too good of a player to not utilize him. There will be an effort this week from us to make sure he gets the ball a little more than he did.”

On whether screening away from opposing team’s bench is a strategy:

“You know, most stuff happens for a reason. How is that?”

“That is kind of like the deal Saturday. At the end of the game, that was kind of a strange way to end a football game and there are lots of varying opinions on what transpired there. We had three timeouts and we figured we would use them all. That was kind of the thought process going into that. It was getting some easy sets, making sure we had some holes for runs and then basically call all three timeouts, or if we found something that was easy, we were going to call a play and try to get a first down. That was kind of the thought process.”

“We really were not trying to trick them. We just put our offense back out there. We called a timeout and put our offense back out there and that is really what happened.”

On what Virginia coach Mike London said after the game:

“Just normal stuff. Good game and that type of thing. I told him he had a good football team and they played tough. I was impressed with how hard their players played.”

On making sure the players stay grounded:

“It is the same message we talk about all the time. We play 12 games a year and think if these work 330 days a year, they probably have 35 days off where they are not lifting weights or practicing football. You would hate to waste an opportunity with all that working and effort because you have been training since you were eight years old or whatever.”

“You get to play 12 times a year. You better take advantage of it, especially if you want to try to accomplish something. Our guys know that every game is really important to us. If you want to be respected you have to gain respect. You have to earn respect and we certainly have a long way to go.”

On UNLV similarities with other opponents:

“Not really. They go off speed and that is the thing that stands out if you look at them. Their DB’s run. Their receivers run. Their backs can run. That is probably the strength of their team.”

“They are a little different than Virginia. You put the film on Virginia and the lines are big and powerful and these guys are good up front on both sides, but they are not the same size guys we have been playing against these last two weeks, but there is a speed element out there that probably has not been there the last two weeks.”

“They are very well coached. I think Bobby does a really good job with his football team. He won a lot of games at Montana. He has a good coaching staff and I really have a lot of respect for him. You can see them getting better. That is the thing that you have to judge coaches on is how much they improve. His team has improved dramatically from last year to this year and really from week 1 to where they are right now, they are better.”

On the coaching rumor mill:

“That’s the same old thing. It is kind of the same thing with our football team. That is someone posting on the internet; some 19 year old kid smoking pot in his dorm room, you know what I am saying? That is how that stuff gets started. That is why you cannot give it too much credibility. You never know. All those [media] guys do live on the west coast.”

“That stuff is kind of the same thing. That is a bunch of noise that does not really mean anything. People just bounce stuff around to see what sticks. You do not pay too much attention to that.”

On Virginia’s trick play early in the game:

“I thought it was a good call really. I think they felt like they needed a lift offensively to gain some confidence. I thought it was really a good call and it did exactly what they wanted it to do. It got their crowd behind them. It got their crowd in the game. It gave them some momentum and put us on our heels a little bit.”

“I actually thought it was a hell of a call and a well-executed play. We actually covered it decently. They just made a good throw and a good catch. It was a good way to start the game. I think they felt like going in they were going to need to score some points to give their offense some confidence and I thought it was a good call.”

On playing UNLV at home:

“I think so. There is kind of an interesting statistic. When I was at Texas Tech, we had a lot of different stats and studies. We did a study one time talking about playing consecutive road games and how the second road game in a row is so much more difficult to win than the first road game. There were some pretty staggering statistics.”

“For us to go out there and catch Virginia’s best effort and figure out a way to win when it did not look very good early, that is a very good effort from our players and their toughness. The good thing is we are at home now for really three weeks and that is going to pay some dividends for us.”

“It is tough to travel and get home late. It is just hard on you as a coaching staff. It is hard on the players. You go home and get off the plane. Then you want to check some scores and there is a game on. Before long, you are trying to unwind and you look up and it is 4 in the morning. You are trying to get some sleep and get back in the office.”

“It just takes its toll on you, so we are excited to be home for a couple of weeks.”

On still doing statistical analysis:

“Not as much. It is the same old thing. There is so much stuff out there that you have to kind of figure out what is important to you and what really matters to you.”

“That was more of a scheduling analysis with our head coach fighting with our AD at the time about how hard it was to schedule two road games in a row. When you are an assistant coach, you get to do fun stuff like those studies, which I have done a lot of and given it to the head coach and he will just throw it in the trash after spending two weeks or two months on it. I spent two months on something one time and the head coach took one look at it and said, ‘Yeah, that’s interesting,’ and threw it in the trash. It is part of the deal.”

On the fan support for the UNLV game:

“I hope it is good. There are still a lot of things these guys need to accomplish, but they have done some things that are impressive and I do hope we have a good crowd and good attendance just to show them that people around here care and they appreciate their hard work and success that they have had. I hope it happens.”

On guys getting more playing time against Virginia:

“Malcolm Pichon got his first snaps in his college career and really did some good things. I was really pleased with how Malcolm played.”

“We were a little beat up in some spots. There are going to be a lot of guys getting their first action, especially on special teams. We have some guys that are special teams standouts that are kind of beat up right now a little bit and having to play more defensively. You’ll see some younger players.”

“Everybody goes through that. I am not a big cry injury guy because everybody has them. That is football and you have injuries. If you do not like them then synchronized swimming is a good sport to coach. I would think there would be very few injuries.”

“That is just part of the game. The good thing is when somebody goes down, someone else has to step up and our team has that mentality. You see it as an opportunity and guys have got to go out and make the most of it.”

“Malcolm (Pichon) played well. I thought Bryson Abraham played extremely well. I think he gets better and better every week. Chip (Hester) obviously did some great things at the linebacker spot and on special teams as well.”

“We have some young guys that are going to have to step up and give us some depth. Ty Hook got some significant action. He played very well. They have to grow up fast just because we need them to. That is our job as coaches to get them ready to play.”  



Stephen Warner

On the physicality of Virginia:

“There are lots of times in games where it kind of gets a little chippy.  It’s always going to be that when you have grown men facing off against each other in that type of situation where you are banging heads all game and everything.  It did get chippy sometimes but we just have to learn to control it and like the penalty we got, the two that we got, we need to learn to stay focused on what we are trying to do and not really worry about what they are saying or what they are doing or how they are playing, just let our play speak for itself.”

On difficulty of being a leader of this offense:

“It gets to be sometimes.  There’s a lot of verbage sometimes that you are trying to say to get guys in right spots, but with how much we have practice and how long we have been in this system I have kind of gotten use to what all we have to do before each play.  Being with the same guys for as long as I have been with, they kind of know my progression through what I am doing and how we are going to go about before each play getting all the calls in, getting the snap counts and all that stuff.  It is something we have gotten used to, something we had to get use to but I feel like we are in a good rhythm with it now and we get it going pretty good every game.”

On biggest different in offense from last year to this year:

“It is just consistency to me I think.  Last year we hit spurts every now and then where we would not do very good, and here the first few games I think we have been a lot better with our consistency.  Obviously against Virginia it was not as great as we wanted it to be where we were  going out and having multiple-play drives for long distances, but I think it is getting better with guys doing their jobs the same every play and not taking plays off and things like that.  I just feel like it is going to help us in the long run as far as continuing our offensive production and things like that.”

On the running game:

“I really feel like we have some of the best running backs in the country, no doubt, guys that just put their heads down and go to work every play.  Not trying to be selfish or anything like that.  Guys that are willing to give up carries maybe that they wish they were getting that they maybe are not getting.  Guys that just play for the team, that is one of the best things we have on this team at all of our positions really, skill positions, wide receivers and running backs included.  Guys that are just willing to help the team no matter how they have to do it.  You got a guy like Hunter Lee who was a great running back for us last year who has been playing inside receiver and has not been getting a whole lot of carries, and you got a guy like Ray Holley who has been doing the same thing.  Somebody goes down, he steps up.  I feel like he had a really great game running the ball and so did Kenneth [Dixon].  As long as we just keep our running game going I feel like it opens up a lot of things on offense, through our play-action stuff and then going down the field to Quinton [Patton].”

On wearing out the defense:

“It is different with each team, but it really starts to happen when we start throwing those screen passes to the sidelines.  You have defensive linemen trying to run all the way when we go left hash to the right hash, from the right hash to the left hash, it just keeps going like that.  Probably about four or five plays into that you can start to tell they are getting a little winded and that is when it is really our job to step on the gas and really get it going even faster than what it has been going.  I feel like it has been working for us pretty good as far as getting our screen game off of our run game and what not.  Then mixing in actually running it to where we are zoning it and things like that and getting those guys moving around because once you get going fast enough they cannot set up and you got guys in there that have been in for five or six plays.  Five or six plays for a defensive lineman that is 300 pounds is a lot of work.”

On the national attention:

“Obviously, this is a spot we have not been in since I have been here where we have been 4-0 to start the season, but we are glad we are at this spot and this is what you work for.  I feel like this team is well suited to handle the type of publicity that we are getting.  If you keep winning, the publicity is going to keep coming and obviously that is our goal to keep winning.  I just feel like we have a lot of guys on this team that are not worried about rankings and stats and things like that.  They are worried about getting a W and that is obviously the most important thing.  We are going to come out this week with the same mindset we had last week in getting a win.”

On the reaction of the offensive line video:

“No one has really said anything team-wise.  I think the one that said the most about it was coach Perot.  He was kind of like ‘what are you doing these videos for or whatever’.  It was just something we all kind of thought would be fun to do for our senior year.  Most of us that were in that video are seniors except for Matthew Sheppard.  We just kind of thought it would be something fun to do for the fans.  We thought it would be funny.  We had no idea it would go the way it went to, but I guess we will take any press we can get.  We do not get much.”

On Cameron joking about the video:

“That is just Colby being Colby.  He is just trying to be funny.  It is a thing that was fun for the fans and fun for us to see it.  People ask me all the time if we are going to make another one.  That was pure accident how that happened.  I do not know if we tried to make another one if we could even do something like that again.”

On his parent’s reaction to the video:

“I did not tell my parents.  As soon as they were here and saw it, that was the first time they had seen and heard about it.  They were real excited after the game.  They could not believe I did something like that because I have never done that.  I have always been the guy that just goes to work and does not really try to do anything outside of the normal or whatever.  Just kind of wanted to do something for my senior year just to look back and say ‘man, I had fun doing that.’”

On the team chemistry:

“This is one of the best teams that I have been on since I have been here as far as the chemistry aspect goes where we got guys that have fun playing the game and it is not all about the business part of it where you just come in, grind it out every day and no one is having any fun.  I think that is what makes us so great is that we have guys that love playing, love being together, love being on the field just playing football with each other.  We do not worry about what the other team is doing or where we messed up.  You forget the plays you messed up, you go out and you go play again and just have fun doing it.  It keeps the atmosphere light.  It keeps it interesting.  It makes it fun to come to practice every day.”

On any panic being down 14 points to Virginia:

“No, not at all.  The first thing we did when they scored is Colby came over to all of us.  The o-line already has a great mindset because we have been through all of this the whole time since we have been here.  We know it does not matter what the score is we are going to go out and play the same on every play.  Colby came over to us on the sideline and said ‘hey, this is not as bad as Nevada was last year.’  We said ‘yeah, you got that right.’  It was definitely not as bad.  We have the mindset where we have been through those types of situations.  We know how it goes.  We know what we did to win and you just look back on that as an example of what you need to do to go out there and score and get the victory.” 

On snapping with a quarterback from under center:

“We practice it once a week and we do it one time.  It has been a while since I have done it.  The only person I have ever snapped to since I was here was Colby [Cameron] under center.  When coach Dooley was here that is what we did.  So he and I did it all the time back then and it is just the same as it was back then.”

On looking back to his first year as a starter:

“I think in football, the main thing is of how you get from where you were to where you are going is drawing off of experiences like that.  Being able to say I was here through the bad times.  Now I know how to get to where it is good times.  Just being able to go out there and say we have been in those spots before and now we are not.  We just have to keep going.  We know what is like to be there and we do not want to be there anymore.  It just helps having played through all those things and knowing how to win games now like we are.”

On UNLV defense:

“One of the things we really do not worry about is making mistakes.  We do not want to think of it as let us just do everything we can to not lose.  Let us do everything we can to play football the way Louisiana Tech plays football and that is winning football and that is tough football and that is the type of football we have been playing for the past four weeks.  We know how to do it and we are going to go out there and do it during practice this week and it is going to translate to the game.  As far as UNLV we have not gotten to watch much on them yet.  I know that they are a physical team.  They are going to try and line up to stop our run game obviously and then just hope to get some plays in the pass game.  We will see how it works out.  I know this team is the type of team that is going to come to work just the same as did last week and the week before that and the week before that.”

On not looking ahead to Texas A&M:

“It is like coach Dykes talks about all the time it is one game at a time.  You have to focus on this game this week and that is what we are going to do just because we are playing an SEC team, a team that we wanted to play the first game of the year anyway, a team that we were ready to play.  We are ready to play UNLV too and we have to get ready this week.  They are the next game on our schedule.  They are the only game that matters.  I can throw you all the football clichés you want to hear about that.”

On his national attention:

“People want to talk to find different things that they want to talk about.  If they want to talk about me that is fine.  They can talk about all of the other guys too.  It does not really matter.  We are going to go out and do what we do and have good games.  Whether or not the attention is on one person or the other I do not think anyone is really worried about it too much.  Just as long as we keep winning we are going to be happy.”


Chip Hester

On playing fullback last year:

“Coach Franklin never paid me off with the ball.”

On his interception:

“During the play I just dropped back and was scanning the field as usual.  I looked up and the quarterback was just staring me down with the ball so I broke on it and all I thought was do not stop now.”

On being open:

“He thought I was on his team.  It was just the endzone after that.“

On tradition of linebackers getting touchdowns off of interceptions:

“You watch [Adrien Cole and Jay Dudley] last year do what they did on defense and you just knew that everybody was just looking at you to be the next person to be able to make a play like that or fill those shoes so it was good to be able to be in the right place at the right time.”

On the growth of the defense:

“At the beginning of the season we all had a say in what your stamp was going to be on the defense and the first two games we struggled to complete our goals.  We were on the field with teams scoring a lot of points on us, but as a defense we knew we just got to keep striving to be better.  Striving to be better is the only way it is going to happen.”

On going back to the basics after last year’s defense:

“This is a new team because the guys that made those plays are not here.  We just needed to be able to come together as a group and get a play here, get some stops, get turnovers.  We focus on forcing turnovers and being great in doing that this year.”

On seeing a backup quarterback:

“This time I do not think we wanted to see that guy that came in at the end of the game.  He was pretty good.  Usually, we want to see what the backup quarterback can do.  We say let us get this guy and see what the backup quarterback can do.” 

On staying focused with the national attention:

“We try not to focus on a lot of the outside sources and stuff like that.  Just try to keep everything in-house and just focus on what we need to do here at Tech just to keep improving.”

On shutting out teams in the third quarter:

“Coming out of halftime we know we want to be a four quarters team.  We want to have the momentum coming out of halftime.  We want to be able to be the more explosive team so I think we focus on that in summer training, in the preparations and I think it is paying off.”

On playing a lot of snaps with a quick strike offense:

“You are just praying that Tevin King or Kenneth Dixon does not bust one because you know they are running the ball and trying to keep us off the field.  They are out there running it pretty well so we are looking at them hoping they put a drive together and do not throw it deep to Quinton [Patton].  We are hoping, but usually it does not happen that way.”

On exciting of offense scoring so quick:

“We know the other team we are just stealing the momentum, stealing the life out of them with those quick scores.”

On difference between getting turnovers and holding teams to yardage:

“We still want total yardage off.  In holding yardage off we have given up some plays here and there.  The turnovers are what we are going for and are what we are expected to do just to get off the field and get that big stop.  It is bend but do not break.  In the end we will try to make the stop and get the turnover and it has been paying off for us.”

On playing a physical team like Virginia:

“It was a dog fight.  It was a dog fight.  They tried to come out and we did not want them to get any big runs or big spurt runs on us.  We wanted to be the more physical team.  We wanted to let them know how physical we were no matter how big their size was.  We just went out there and put it to work.”

On finally playing at home:

“To be back at the Joe it is pretty nice, to be playing in front of our crowd.  Hopefully we feel the Joe, sale the Joe out.  We want to pack the Joe.  It is going to be nice to be in that environment, our home environment.”

On being a BCS buster:

“We know that being talked of a BCS buster will be over with just one loss.  In all that we still have to be out there preparing for this game as usual, just every day in practice preparing one way and that is a way to win.”

On being +24 in turnovers in last 11 regular season games:

“Plus 24 in turnovers is pretty big I feel like, but just having an offense that we have, we do not want to be the slacker part of this team.  We want to be where the defense can hold its own too because I know a lot of the media talk is like the defense is a little less than the offense, but we want to be able to hold our own out there too.  I think being plus 24 in turnovers is kind of leading our way to show we can be a pretty good defense.”

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