Post-Tournament Quotes



April 29, 2013

Recap |  Results

Head Coach Jeff Parks

“Today was not what we were looking for. I didn’t have any idea we would have those kinds of numbers, especially with how still [the wind] is. We just hit way too many shots in the rocks and it is tough to play from there.”

On avoiding pressing too hard:

“The biggest thing is just putting the ball into play; that will eliminate some of the pressing. We hit a few in areas where they are just loose shots and we can’t press to try to get it all back in one or two rounds. We will have to continue to play and execute the game plan that w edhad. Today was just some loose shots out there that got us.”

On Victor Lange’s performance:

“That was Victor being Victor. He had a great round and shot 33 on the back nine, which was a great score. I hope he can continue that for the next two rounds.”

On Sam Forgan:

“He hit it in the rocks on 16 and had to take an unplayable then didn’t get a good drop and it landed in the rocks again. He finally got it on the green and two-putted. That is the way it worked today and when you see big numbers on our card from today, that is why.”

On forgetting about first round performance and moving on to the next round:

“We’ve been in this situation before and the guys usually rally. Hopefully we haven’t dug too deep of a hole that we can’t climb out of it. It will be a special event if we can finish the next two rounds with some good golf and hopefully the other teams will hit it in the rocks. Maybe we will get the breaks in the next two rounds.”