Post-Tournament Quotes



May 1, 2013

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Head Coach Jeff Parks

“It was another one of those days with the wind blowing [hard].We didn’t handle it the way we needed to. We didn’t perform at all like how I was expecting. I really thought we had a chance to climb the leaderboard and we just didn’t do it.”

On Victor Lange:

“He had a good chance to win this week but let a couple shots slide yesterday and today but probably yesterday more so than anything. Today he just couldn’t get a couple putts to drop when he needed to. He had a couple of unfortunate errors throughout out the day but all in all, he had a great tournament.

“He is a great kid, he works hard at it and is a special kid. For him to do that as a freshman and to come to his first conference event and compete for a win is pretty special.”

On Sam Forgan:

“Sam is a great person, a life-long friend. It is hard to see him finish off with this type of performance but he will hang his hat on what he has done in his career and what we have done as a program with him being involved in it. He has been our team captain this year and a great one and I am going to miss him.”

“He was one of my first recruits and been with me all four years. I don’t know if he was that stupid or I was that stupid but we made it and it has been a treat. I am sad to see him go but I know that we will be keeping in touch the rest of our lives.”