Tech's Blankenship Thankful

Cody Blankenship
Cody Blankenship

March 11, 2012

by Jerit Roser, Monroe News-Star

One accident just after Christmas 2010 nearly wrecked the golf career of "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

"I had been snowboarding all morning, and after lunch I went on a little bit of a quicker run," said Cody Blankenship, then a junior at Louisiana Tech. "I got some speed behind me that I couldn't handle, so I tried to stop, but I couldn't -- it wasn't a jump or anything. Next thing I know, I'm flying down hill head first.

"When I come to, I'm sitting on my butt, staring down the hill, and my left arm is wrapped, folded behind my back, and I heard a pop. I tried to pull it around front, but I couldn't. It wouldn't move, so I called for help.

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