Spending Time with Kristin Porter

Junior Kristin Porter
Junior Kristin Porter

Name: Kristin Porter

Grade: Junior

From: Baton Rouge, La

Major: Psychology

What I dressed up as for Halloween: A Raising Cane’s employee.

I was at work for Halloween I would faint if I saw: Chris Paul

Is it coke, pop or soda: None of the above, it’s Soft Drink

How long have I been bowling: Since I was six or seven

Best game you ever had: 266

Why did you come to Louisiana Tech: I was offered a bowling scholarship and I really wanted to play a sport in college

I got my first cell phone at age: 15

When I have a child, he/she can have one at age: High School

Favorite movie: Way too many to name

Plays the role of me in a movie: Laila Ali (I’ve been told I look like her)

Title of that movie: “Stuff” Happens

Website I visit most often: Facebook

Place I most want to visit that I haven’t: Spain because I love the Spanish Culture

Toughest class I’ve taken: Statistics

Plans after college: Law School Best Coach Jackson saying: “No sir”

Favorite TV show: Golden Girls

Favorite food: Shrimp, craw fish, and Chinese food

Favorite place to eat in Ruston: Raising Cane’s (Employee discounts are awesome)

Makes me the happiest: Being at home with my family, boyfriend and friends. Also, being able to stay at home, drink tea, and read a good book on cold, rainy days.

My favorite song right now: Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, it reminds me of my boyfriend.