Women's Indoor Track
Five Minutes with Stacia Hanneman

Stacia Hanneman and the Lady Techsters will begin their outdoor track season on March 21.
Stacia Hanneman and the Lady Techsters will begin their outdoor track season on March 21.

March 13, 2009

After the Lady Techsters won their fourth Western Athletic Conference Indoor Championship in five years, Stacia Hanneman received WAC Freshman of the Year for her efforts in the indoor season. In this week's installment of "Five Minutes with a Student-Athlete," we interviewed the sprinter and learned about her aspiration to be an Olympic athlete and her love for poetry.

LATechSports: Where are you from?
Hanneman: Nashville, Tennessee

LATechSports: Do you have a nickname?
Hanneman: I have many, but the one name I am known by is "Stach" because it is the shorter version of my name.

LATechSports: What are you majoring in?
Hanneman: Kinesiology

LATechSports: What do you enjoy the most about Tech?
Hanneman: I love the quarter system as opposed to the semester system that most colleges use.

LATechSports: What are your plans after college?
Hanneman: If I do not have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics and become a professional runner, I plan to pursue a career in sports training.

LATechSports: What is your greatest achievement?
Hanneman: Being a part of a team that won the indoor conference championship and winning WAC Indoor Freshman of the Year are my two greatest achievements.

LATechSports: Who inspires you?
Hanneman: United States track and field sprinter Allyson Felix inspires me because she is an example of what I want to become.

LATechSports: What was your first job?
Hanneman: Once I turned sixteen, I worked at a shoe store called "Underground Station."

LATechSports: What are your hobbies?
Hanneman: In my free time, I enjoy writing poetry.

LATechSports: If you could spend a day with one person, who would it be?
Hanneman: My mother because I am a long way from home and I miss her a lot.

LATechSports: What is your favorite part of a road trip?
Hanneman: I just like the feeling of traveling and going somewhere new. I can't forget about the great car snacks!



LATechSports: When did you start running track and why?
Hanneman: I started running track in seventh grade just because I was not very good at any other sport. Thankfully, it has paid off.

LATechSports: What is your all-time favorite sports moment?
Hanneman: I am going to have to say winning the state track meet in high school after I missed my graduation. It was well worth it!

LATechSports: What song or artist do you listen to before a game?
Hanneman: I always have to listen to Lil Wayne's "Sky's The Limit" and Rick Ross' "Push It."

LATechSports: Who do you contribute your success to in your sport?
Hanneman: I contribute my success to my mother.

LATechSports: Are you superstitious?
Hanneman: No, not at all.

LATechSports: If you could pick a number to wear in track, which one would you choose?
Hanneman: I would definitely choose the number seven because it is my lucky number.

LATechSports: Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, whom?
Hanneman: Yes, I have met many, including the actress Mo'Nique.

LATechSports: If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Hanneman: I would want to live in Florida.

LATechSports: What is your favorite movie?
Hanneman: Love & Basketball

LATechSports: What is your favorite food?
Hanneman: Lasagna

LATechSports: If you could ask the president one question, what would you ask?
Hanneman: How does it feel to make history?

LATechSports: If you had the opportunity to live your life to the fullest for only one day, what would you do?
Hanneman: I would do everything in my power to give and do things for others.

LATechSports: If you were stranded on a beach, what five things would you need to survive and why?
Hanneman: My cell phone because I can't live without it, my mp3 player because music is my therapy, some peanut butter and jelly crackers because they are my favorite, my teddy bear because he has been with me since I was born and my poetry because it is a hobby of mine.