Guest Speaker Visits with LA Tech Women's Programs



Feb. 1, 2013

RUSTON - The Louisiana Tech women's soccer program welcomed Dr. Sumaya Farooq Samie, a visiting professor from the Sociology of Sports department at Warwick University in England, who had accepted an invitation to give a talk on the topic of 'Gender in Sports.'

Members of the LA Tech tennis and volleyball teams were also present for the presentation.

The workshop was interactive and the workshop covered topics such as body image, women in sports and helped contextualize these topics.

Dr. Samie had the athletes do group work, share views and write reflective pieces during the course of the presentation.

"Dr. Samie's talk was very thought provoking and helped us all understand the pressures and demands that female athletes are put under," said head soccer coach Kevin Sherry. "It was a huge success and on behalf of Louisiana Tech Athletics I wish to offer our sincerest thanks to Dr. Samie for such a wonderful presentation."