Louisiana Tech Assistant Working with Womens National Team


Posted Apr 28, 2006 14:06:38

Louisiana Tech Assistant Working with Women?s National Team

CARSON, Calif. -- After recently applying for an internship with the US Women?s Soccer Team, Louisiana Tech assistant coach Rich Stoneman has been accepted and will be traveling to the Home Depot Center in Carson, Cailf., to help the coaching staff with the team.

?I?ll be going out there May 21-31,? Tech assistant coach Rich Stoneman said. ?In that period of time, I?ll be able to observe the national coaching staff and working with young up-and-coming kids. I?ll be involved in training sessions as a standby coach and help nationally renowned coaches with discussions and watching tactics.?

Stoneman said this experience will give him a great insight as to how coaches prepare players on a national level.

?I?m really looking forward to it,? Stoneman said. ?I?ve actually coached some of these kids before. I?m going to get to see the Home Depot Center and work with kids on a high level.?

Stoneman said with all the duties he will be taking on, he is proud to be there as a coach for Louisiana Tech University.

?I?ll be there as a representative for Louisiana Tech,? Stoneman said. ?Players will get to know me as the assistant coach at Tech, and I?ll be able to build good relationships with the kids. It?s a good thing.?