Lady Techsters ready for Missouri State


Posted Sep 9, 2006 18:59:54

Lady Techsters ready for Missouri State

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. ? After a heart-breaking 2-1 loss in overtime at Arkansas on Friday, the Louisiana Tech soccer team is ready to build off its strong showing against Missouri State at 11 a.m. Sunday in the Lady Razorback Classic.

The Lady Techsters (3-2-0) may have left the field Friday night with a loss, but coach Jennifer Burns and assistant Rich Stoneman said they feel the team grew through its performance.

?It was a loss, but it was such a jump in our performance I don?t think as coaches we look at it as a loss,? Burns said. ?Last week we were disappointed in their performance and upset that they lost. Friday they did a lot of things well and played much better.?

Many of the errors the team had been making were corrected against Arkansas. Burns described it as the light coming on. Now the first test to see if the lights can stay on is against the Bears (3-2-0).

?I think it?s gonna be a great game. I think it?s gonna be two even teams,? Burns said. ?We?re playing with one sub due to injuries, which is gonna make it a little difficult for us, but we?ve changed our game plan to help us get through and play a little smarter on Sunday.?

Missouri State defeated Arkansas A&M in overtime 2-1 Friday night and defeated Arkansas 3-2 in overtime in its first game of the season.

For a young team to hit the road against another team from one of the biggest and best conferences in the nation and be so close to winning gave the Lady Techsters more confidence in themselves. Burns said she was happy with how her team played against Arkansas and believes it can be a stepping stone to a good season if her players can develop around it.

?I?m really proud of the way they played,? Burns said. ?I hope they can build on that and do the things we did well Friday night. I think they?re gonna have more confidence, and they should have more confidence after the way they played.?